Pineapple Bliss

August 20, 2007

That is what I am calling the top Bron made (for me.)  Okay, she really didn’t make it for me, as it was a happy accident (happy for me) that it was my size and not hers.  However, this top really looks like it was made just for me.  Truly, I couldn’t have a better fitting Pineapple top.  This will be one of those tops I can wear in the winter here when it is cool, but not freezing and at the ocean when I want to wear a tank top, but it is still chilly.

Sierra took the picture for me.  🙂   Thanks Bron!  I love it!



  1. I love it on you-fits perfectly.

  2. Wow! It’s gorgeous!

  3. It does look great on you, the fit is perfect. And I LOVE the cut! Totally cute. Good for you for donating!

  4. Wow! It looks like it was *made* to fit you! It fits you much better than Bron… you look great in it!

  5. Wowza! It looks GREAT on you! I’m SO happy it fits & you like it. 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. wooooohooooo ! looks great on you!

  7. It looks wonderful on you!!

  8. I linked here from Bron’s site. Absolutely gorgeous on you! So glad it went to a good home!

  9. Wow! it looks like it was made just for you! Perfect!

  10. Lucky you- it looks great!

  11. Very nice fit. It looks great on you.

  12. Aw, I love a happy ending… It looks wonderful! Luck you!!

  13. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

  14. Wow, it looks great on you !

  15. It does look as if it was made just for you. It such a beautiful top, and I’m glad it found an appreciative home. That’s a pretty cute car there in the background, too.

  16. yes, it’s lovely on you!

  17. It looks like it was made for you! Lucky gal!

  18. It looks great on you! Glad it got a good home, it’s such a pretty top.

  19. I thought I commented but looking back nada….so once again – it looks fab on you! How great that it has found a wonderful new home!

  20. Ooh, perfect!

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