Oh lonely balls of yarn…

August 21, 2007

Whatever will I do with you?

So, what do you do with leftovers from past projects?  As I am cleaning up my yarn area I am finding misc very small balls of yarn.

The artsy side of me says I should keep them forever, because you never know when I would need a small bit of yarn for something like for an accent or…???

The more practical part of me says that I should throw it out as it is just the clutter bug in me and that I need to free myself of really small balls of yarn or they will just take up space and look cluttery.  Also, they will make it look like I have more yarn then I really do.

I could try to donate it on freecycle.  I don’t know who would want some really small balls of yarn, but you never know…

Okay…so, what do you do?  Do you just keep a basket of odd and ends?  Do you find odd and end projects to use them up?

Please don’t tell me you never have leftover yarn.  Some of this wouldn’t even make a good scrap blanket.   For example, I have some leftover cotton/rayon yarn.  Not a good blanket yarn.



  1. You might kill me for this, but I really almost never have leftover yarn, because we are sold yarn by weight and not yardage, so I buy whatever the shop assistant says will be enough for the project, and might even end up not having enough yarn, but usually not small leftovers.

    That said, perhaps you could make flowers or something with the leftovers to use in a bouquet or for embellishment? Or tie all of them together as a “magic ball” and use for a rug? Or use a knitting knobby to make long braids and use that to make rugs?

  2. I have a laundry basket that is slowly being filled up with odds and ends…..I’ve not yet figured out a use for them, but I know the minute I throw them all out I will find one!

    I know somewhere a while back I saw a website that talked about cutting the leftovers into small 2-3 inch pieces and leaving in the yarn come spring, and then in after nesting season having kids look for birds nests in the yarn to see who used the yarn in constructing their homes.

  3. I save them up and once a year donate to our local girl scout troops. They use them for crafts and such.

  4. What about those bohemian looking scarves? Each long row is a different yarn? You could use coordinating colors, or various shades of the same color, etc. I’ve made a few for gifts and they’ve gone over really well.

    Do you know any knitters or crocheters who are just starting out? I have a friend who recently learned to crochet, and she takes all my half-skeins. She’s intimidated by large projects so always makes small ones. Small little pouches and such. Which, actually, I’m trying to do now because I’ve found that these, too, are great gifts (or gift bags).

    Good luck!

  5. I freecycled a whole crapload back in the spring, someone new to knitting or crocheting was looking for practice yarns. I had been saving them with the intention of doing some sort of scrap thing (rug, blanket, cat bed or toys) but I never did anything with them except add more too them. So when the drawer would no longer close, out they went!

    Now I have a new batch started… and I haven’t even done much fiber work since then!

  6. Do a magic ball, tie the ends together and roll into a ball and knit or crochet a scarf or rug or something. If you need some links, let me know.

  7. I wait till I have a bag full of it, then I freecycle it. People fight over it. lol

  8. I donate it to the local preschool. They love it for craft projects for the kids.

  9. Leftover yarn if wool you can always felt. If other stuff, a really Funky Hat, Potholders , placemats, a rug, or a funky poncho. You can actually make a nice purse with beads and stuff. A very unique scarf, one with arngles and twists. Coasters. I have an over active creative mind. You can also do a Magic Ball Swap!!!!

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