Monkey socks in Oops

August 26, 2007

I finished my first pair of Monkey socks. They are done in Claudia Co. hand painted yarn in the color way of Oops, which is blue, purple and turquoise and brown/maroon. I made them for a lady in my mother’s club who won a charity auction. She wanted blue and earthy colors, not bright colors. I hope this is a color that she will be happy with. I love them. This was a pretty easy knit.
Oops Monkey Socks

Tomorrow you will get to see a picture of Sierra’s “pretty” black eye. She was making a village up on her bookshelf while standing on a plastic table and slipped and hit her cheekbone on the toy box. She is okay, just bruised. Nothing like going to school the second week with a black eye. I went and got her some arnica for it. They sell it at Longs, the dissolving tablets and gel.



  1. Love the socks! One of these days I will begin mine!

    “Oh no!” On the black eye! Not a nice thing to have! I remember getting one when I was about 7 fallin on the merry-go-round right before school pictures….my mom was not pleased with me!

  2. The more I see these socks around, the more I want to learn to knit. I love, love, love the Monkey socks. Good job!

  3. These socks are GREAT! They have been on my ‘to make’ list for ages now. I really should get around to it! Black eye, bummer. This weekend my son impaled himself in the neck with a small branch. Can you say momma heart attack?

  4. Lovely socks. I’m sure she will love them. 🙂

    What a bummer about the eye!

  5. pretty socks!

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