Baby Cable Rib Socks

September 16, 2007

Black Purl Baby Cable Rib Socks

Originally uploaded by earthwhisper

Black Purl Baby Cable Rib Socks

Yarn: Lorna Laces Black Purl
Pattern: Baby Cable Rib
Needles: Size 1 1/2

It took me a few months to knit these as more pressing things kept getting in my way. After chatting with Stacey about socks I realized that I needed to finish these. I also needed to move this blog away from complaining about myself and to something that is documenting things I love, not things that are bothering me.

We won’t even go into my tooth situation. I just can’t.



  1. Beautiful socks! Makes me want to learn to knit just to be able to make myself some lovely socks. I know I can crochet some too, but there are so many pretty knit patterns I can’t wait to try them.

  2. Cute socks!

  3. Love the socks. I love the way the yarn pooled too.

  4. They are gorgeous Wendy! I hope your feeling better today! Email me with updates.

  5. They’re so lovely! I’m going to teach myself to knit specifically so I can knit socks!

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