Jan update

January 13, 2008

I have done a small bit of knitting. I just made this scarf with some handspun. It was a fun accomplishment to take some of the yarn I spun from roving and knit it into a scarf. The yarn was actually a lot nicer then I thought. I really didn’t do a bad job and I am happy to have a warm scarf to show for it.

Handspun Scarf

Yarn: Handspun from corriedale roving

Needles: size 9 (brittany wood)

Pattern: CO 22, knit 1×1 for about 6 plus feet. 😉

Here is a little something I was knitting on before Christmas but didn’t finish. I probably will hibernate it until November and then finish it. No sense finishing it now. I am just in the process of sewing on ornaments, then need to stuff it and crochet a bottom for it.

Fun Fur Christmas Tree

My new class started last week.  I already have made some waves in it.  The class was not allowed a break and after 5 hours, I got the worst headache last Monday.  The teacher told us that class didn’t get a break.  After a phone call to the department division, the counseling off, and then to the dean of teacher’s, I was able to get a break for the class.  It will be announced tomorrow.  🙂

I am unhappy about another thing.  Apparantly Monday labs are due Wednesday, but people who have Wednesday lab time have theirs due the following Monday.  So I get 1 day to work on a lab and they get 4.  I don’t find that fair at all and am going to work on how to get equality for that.

My work scheduled has finally lightened, the money was nice, but I am happy to have a break from cashiering. I really needed the break to get down to studying.  I already have my first test on Wednesday.

Finally, girl scouts is getting interesting.  I am starting up my own troop in March after cookie sales (going on now.)  It is a good thing.


  1. The scarf is very pretty and looks soft!
    Cheers for the class-break!

  2. Your scarf looks great, particularly because it’s your own roving.

    Good luck with your own troop. It’s worth it. 🙂 I’m so glad I made that decision to be the girls’ troop leader when I signed them up. We are all enjoying it so much.

  3. Yay you! I like being a Troop leader too, although I’m taking next year off. Get a good co-leader and delegate!!

    And way to go on the breaks and tackling the lab inequality. That’s really a unfair advantage.

  4. Just a quick ‘hello’, take care

  5. You wave-maker you! No break after 5 hours is ridiculous. The lab thing sucks too-but I don’t know how they can separate the two if you are all taking the same lecture? Wouldn’t it be difficult on the prof? Lab was usually just “lab” and didn’t really coincide with the A & P lecture (when I went, as I recall).

    I love the knit tree-I saw that online and actually wished I could knit and had green fun fur! Will wonders every cease?

  6. The scarf is gorgeous! And that tree is really cute.

    No break for 5 hours? That’s insane. It’s probably against state regulations on top of it.

    The labs sound unfair, but on the plus side, you’d at least get yours done right away!

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