A little flu in your eye?

February 19, 2008

Sorry to have left you hanging with the last post.  I was going to come back and post about my wonderful valentine weekend at the beach.  Tony took Thursday, Friday and Monday off work, so we thought we would have a nice time looking for shells, riding our bikes (I got a new one)(thanks to the recommendation of Claudia)(and…yes, I will blog with a picture of it when I am feeling better)  and all of those fun things we love to do when we ge free babysitting.  We were even planning on having a date night at a fancy schmancy restaurant.

Except for one little thing.

Madeleine got the flu.  Then Sierra.  Then me.  Fever, chills, aches pains, cough.

We are all recovering, but we didn’t go anywhere over the weekend and Tony spent his vacation taking care of the family.  The next time he gets sick (the weekend before,) I am sleeping on the couch as I swear he must have coughed in his sleep and I got it.

Also, next year I am getting a flu shot.  I would much rather deal with being slightly sick from the flu vaccine then getting the flu again.   I have read online a lot of people are out with the flu now.  It is a bad year for ye ole influenza bug.

Tony’s boss said to him last week, “Tony, when I look in your eyes, I see the flu bug.”

It is our big joke, since it happened around valentine’s day.  “When I look into your eyes hunny…”  Said all lovingly.  “I see the flu virus.”

Sadly, that has left zero time to study for big, looming test on Wednesday.  Can someone please prepare me for Membrane Potentials, how vision works, and other sensory physiology information.   Sorry again, my knit and fiber blog has nothing related to that…  I am hoping to feel better by this weekend so I can get to Stitches West.  🙂



  1. Feel better-all of you. I stopped getting the flu shot a few years ago because I always got sick after getting one. I also just read it only covers 40% of the flu bugs out there.

    I know, quite the daredevil aren’t I? You know why, I never got the flu and I’ve heard it’s horrible.

  2. Awwww! I’m so sorry things worked out so poorly! I’m glad everyone’s on the upswing. Better luck next year! (I got the flu shot just in case, but no-one else in the family did. I’m crossing my fingers & toes!)

  3. actually the flu that is going around now isnt covered by the flu shot, think that’s why so many people are out sick. Though we were told by the doc to get it because of the new baby. But I dunno if I want to.

  4. I can make flashcards-I rock the flashcards. But I make that offer only because you have the same name as one of my offspring. This is not an offer to the internet at large. 😉

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