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Doll Face

April 21, 2008

I finally gave the doll a face. It took me a couple of times to get the eyes right and the nose. The mouth was the hardest. I first started in red, but didn’t like it. I was trying to make them look like lips. Then, I finally gave that up and went with a pink smile. I am not good at embroidery, this is as good as it gets.

Knit Doll

So, what do you think? Does she need eyebrows? Is the nose okay as just a poof?

Her hair is Patons Allure. It seemed to work well for hair and gave it a funky curly look without me having to curl yarn. I crocheted it on, just like you would fringe. I did the bangs and then around the scalp. Then, I worked from the back of the top of the head to the front. It got so thick that after awhile, I lost place where I was. The very back, I embroidered the the allure to make it appear there was hair on the back of her head, but hair doesn’t acutally hang from there. It is so thick, I just couldn’t add hair back there.

Plus, I don’t think Madeleine is going to care.

I attempted to make her a skirt, but goofed on the gauge and well, it looks more like a baby hat then a skirt. That is what I get for guessing if a worsted weight wool yarn doubled is equivalent to ggh davos.

Knit Doll

Today, we went on a nice bike ride.  It is the first time I have ridden my bike (besides in my small neighborhood.)  The trail was short, but it was perfect.  It had a fun hill, a cool bridge, and then a small straight away.  Of course, going back up the “fun” hill, was not so fun and the small straight away was really, really long when riding back into the wind.

Sierra had a blast and couldn’t get off her bike.  So I rode with her around the neighborhood by the trail.  I should have gone back down the hill, but I have to admit, the thought of trying to go back up it scared me.  At one time, I was pedaling so slow, I thought a person could walk faster then me.  Sierra pedaled up and down the hill like it was nothing…KIDS!!

It was really nice that we all got to do that.  I am bummed I forgot my camera.  It won’t happen again, though riding a bike with a camera doesn’t seem too fun.  Maybe I need a way to attach my camera to my bike.


New Socks

April 19, 2008

Trekking XXL 110 knit socks

I finally finished these! They took forever. I had single sock syndrome for awhile, but finally decided I need to be able to wear these.

I love them!

Patten: Rockin’ Socks! by Gail Marracci. – Cast on 72.  This is a generic sock pattern, which consists of a 2×2 rib cuff and a short row heel.  I have memorized the pattern.

Yarn: Trekking XXL 110

Needles: Size 1


Missed me?

April 10, 2008

I knit another clapotis. I used 4 different colorways of Cherry Tree Hill’s Silk & Merino Worsted. This was yarn I picked up at 50% off when my local yarn store went out of business.

Cherr Tree Hill Clapotis

I just rotated the balls and carried them up the side of the shawl. It worked out really well. I am amazed on how well the colors blended together. No one would know this was 4 different colorways. I can’t remember which ones they were. I thought I saved the ball bands, but can only find two, Spanish Moss and Country Garden. I think the other ones are Gypsy Rose and possibly Blueberry HIll.

Cherry Tree Hill Clapotis

I also knit a doll. It is from the Rebecca Magazine. You can purchase the pattern seperately, which I did. I couldn’t find the yarn in the pattern at any lys and didn’t want to buy online. So I bought Patons Grace, which is as close as I could get to the gauge that I needed. I was able to get it at a discounted rate at Michaels (when I still worked there.)

I knit this on size 0 needles. Yes, it was slow going and hard on my hands, but I did it. The hardest part though was grafting on the head, arms, and legs. In the instructions, there is not a suggested way on doing this, so I just winged it.

Knit Doll

For the head, my main concern was making sure her head would be straight. I think I did okay. There is still a small angle, but it is hard to line up those small stitches.

For the arms, I grafted the top part of the arm and then also grafted the bottom part of the arm…so, it looks like the stitching is pretty continuous on the top of the shoulder and in the armpit. I did the same style of attaching the legs. Also, by sewing the arms and legs together first at the top, I think it gave them more of a bendable quality at those joints.

My grafting isn’t perfect, but I think I might take a close up picture of what I did later, so that if there is someone out there who is knitting this it will give them an idea on how to do it. I also think grafting them joints on using the same yarn as the doll makes a stronger join at the joints then any other type of joining.

Now I need to figure out how to embroider on a nice face (maybe it would have been easier to do this before sewing everything together?

I also have to figure out how to attach the hair.  I wish I could do curly hair to match Madeleine.  While I figured out how to get a nice curl, I don’t know how to keep it curled.   Oh, and I need to knit some clothes.

I am hoping to finish this doll by Madeleine’s birthday, May 5.

Speaking of Birthdays (mine is coming up on May 2nd…the big 34…,) I won a contest a few months back. Netter made my daughter’s the COOLEST BIRTHDAY BANNERS EVER!!! She also sent them little birthday goodies, lollipops (these cool long stemmed ones) and even birthday ribbon/buttons.  Birthday months is coming up and I can’t wait to hang up their banners.  They are going to be so surprised!!  Tony was really impressed by how creative and perfect the banners were.  Thanks Netter!!  Sorry I took so long to blog about it.

Now I need to start planning some parties that are inexpensive, yet fun.  Last year we didn’t do parties.  We just took the girls to Discovery Kingdom.

This year, Sierra has lots of school friends and she is really wanting a party.  Madeleine would be jealous if she didn’t get one, too.  She doesn’t have many friends, since she isn’t in school.

Finally, I am sorry that I have been missing. I won’t bore you with some of my personal issues, but I am dealing with them. I had to make some changes recently (I quit caffeine.) That was a biggie, but I needed to for my own health.

I had to drop the class I was taking. I hate posting that here because I am embarrassed, mad, sad, etc. about having to quit again. I was doing good in the class (88%), but I missed some days when I had the flu and then I had some rough spots a few weeks ago.  After some thought I decided I needed to simplify my life for the next few months.  I am in a much better place now.  I am considering summer school (I registered,) but I may just take the summer off too.  I don’t know.

Tony and I are doing good.  The girls are healthy and happy.