Doll Face

April 21, 2008

I finally gave the doll a face. It took me a couple of times to get the eyes right and the nose. The mouth was the hardest. I first started in red, but didn’t like it. I was trying to make them look like lips. Then, I finally gave that up and went with a pink smile. I am not good at embroidery, this is as good as it gets.

Knit Doll

So, what do you think? Does she need eyebrows? Is the nose okay as just a poof?

Her hair is Patons Allure. It seemed to work well for hair and gave it a funky curly look without me having to curl yarn. I crocheted it on, just like you would fringe. I did the bangs and then around the scalp. Then, I worked from the back of the top of the head to the front. It got so thick that after awhile, I lost place where I was. The very back, I embroidered the the allure to make it appear there was hair on the back of her head, but hair doesn’t acutally hang from there. It is so thick, I just couldn’t add hair back there.

Plus, I don’t think Madeleine is going to care.

I attempted to make her a skirt, but goofed on the gauge and well, it looks more like a baby hat then a skirt. That is what I get for guessing if a worsted weight wool yarn doubled is equivalent to ggh davos.

Knit Doll

Today, we went on a nice bike ride.  It is the first time I have ridden my bike (besides in my small neighborhood.)  The trail was short, but it was perfect.  It had a fun hill, a cool bridge, and then a small straight away.  Of course, going back up the “fun” hill, was not so fun and the small straight away was really, really long when riding back into the wind.

Sierra had a blast and couldn’t get off her bike.  So I rode with her around the neighborhood by the trail.  I should have gone back down the hill, but I have to admit, the thought of trying to go back up it scared me.  At one time, I was pedaling so slow, I thought a person could walk faster then me.  Sierra pedaled up and down the hill like it was nothing…KIDS!!

It was really nice that we all got to do that.  I am bummed I forgot my camera.  It won’t happen again, though riding a bike with a camera doesn’t seem too fun.  Maybe I need a way to attach my camera to my bike.



  1. The doll is amazing (seriously) and I never would have guessed the hair was yarn and not doll hair you can buy. Excellent, excellent job!

  2. She looks great! I stink at faces so kudos to you for having one turn out so well!

  3. Wendy you did an awesome job! The doll looks amazing!

  4. Your doll looks fantastic!!! I love the face and hair! 🙂 The nose is perfect, just the way it is. 🙂

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I remembered! Have a great day, full of fun.

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