Late Garden

May 29, 2008

I am starting my garden late this year.  I just couldn’t find the time and wasn’t feeling well enough at times to go out and weed my planter box.  I have almost half of it done now, worked my butt off (I mean back off) yesterday.  Today I am finishing it up.  I bought my plants (already started by Home Depot) and will plant them today.  I decided it was better to have a late garden one that may or may not be bountiful then no garden.

However, last year I had tomatoes all the way until the late fall.  In fact, when I pulled out my plants this winter they had green fruits on them.

Last year I only planted 2 tomato plants, they were both Better Boy Hybrids.  This year I am planting a variety of tomatoes.  (Cherry, Better Boy, 100 Sweet, and Roma.)  I am also planting yellow crook neck squash and zucchini.  I think I might also see if I can get some watermelon to grow.  We don’t really have the room, but perhaps I can think of something clever.

While weeding my garden, I looked under the wheel barrow and there was a HUGE black widow.  It was the biggest I have seen in a long time.  I have only seen small ones this year.  It scared me.  They always do.  I called the girls over to see it as I really want them to know 1.  How prevalent they are and 2.  what they look like.   Then I killed it.

At the Junior college I go to they don’t kill black widows, but rather move them to a location away from where people are sitting…fools.  I know this because one day I saw some spider webs under a bench outside of my class.  I looked under it and Lo and Behold, a Black Widow.  I went to the office department of that building.  They didn’t seem to care.  I stressed the serious of it and then they called someone from the Biology Department to come and get it and move it to another location.  You would think they would call someone to just come over and kill it.  I suppose I could have tried to kill it with my shoe.

Seriously, they are not in any way endangered and they make 5 to 10 egg sacks which contain 200-900 babies, though the babies do eat each other, several offspring come from each egg sack.  In this area we are not lacking in black widows.

Tony is almost done with putting down the patio stones.  He has to redo some of it and buy a few more stones.  Then we will be all set up to sit out on the patio and watch the garden this summer, something we both enjoy doing.

Yesterday I found time to re-pot all of my house plants.  They have been needing it for awhile.  I also chopped the top of my rubber tree off.  I was hoping I could just cut it off and throw it in water to see if it would propagate.   Later I read online that you have to wound the plant, wrap it in moss and wait a couple of months for it to form a root ball.  Then you cut it off.  The plant is pretty tall and so I am thinking about doing this and making the top of the plant a new plant.  I shouldn’t have let it grow that tall.  It is just long and awkward.

I knit a few dishcloths/washcloths and gave them to my girl scout co-leaders as a Thank You.  I needed to create something for Sierra’s teacher.  Perhaps I will get her a gift card.  I just am not sure if I have enough time.

Sierra’s last day of first grade is tomorrow.  The last year sure went by fast!  In the fall, Madeleine will start preschool every day for 3 hours and Sierra will be in 2nd grade.  What will Tony and I do with no kids at home?  Ha ha.

I am not sure what is going on with my and the Junior college.  I registered for Summer school, but couldn’t afford to pay for my classes.  The day school started I logged on to drop the class and couldn’t.  They froze my account because I didn’t pay the fees.  So now I owe for a class I never attended and will have to withdraw and it might just cause me huge problems.  I was so busy with other things that I didn’t realize that was going to happen.  This weekend we are going to have a mini garage sale, all proceeds will go towards groceries.  Then I think we will work on our backyard.



  1. Clark Pest Control… best money I spend! Though during season we can still see a few, and they will come out again and spray if you do.

  2. i am starting late also. i will not start until this week!

  3. We also worked in our backyard this weekend. I turned over all the patio furniture and toys looking for black widows and found six. I guess I need to look for them more often. It could be worse, I guess – we could be looking for rattle snakes instead. lol

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