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Emotinally stressed week

June 11, 2008

Last week was an emotionally stressed week.  Tony’s mother passed away.  We drove ASAP to Washington last week and made it in time to see her.  The week was very surreal and we are still trying to process it all.  I find myself getting upset at little things and it is hard to try to pick up my life where I had left it.  Oh, and *oops* I forgot to pay the bills last week.  (Not like I had the money to do it, either.)

One day at a time, though, right?

It makes things like my Options needle breaking not seem so bad.  (Or any of the other misc. sucky things that have happened over the last week.)

The one thing that really helped Tony through all of this was his family.  It was wonderful to see all of them, it had been awhile.  We brought the kids with us as well.  Tony and I realized that even the “parenting” of them wasn’t so bad as it took our minds away from the present.

I think it has really made me re-evaluate my life and the things I find important and to really pursue the things I want.

I don’t think I want to talk about her passing as it really is a private thing for Tony’s family.  I do want to say that I love her and miss her.  I am deeply saddened that my children barely got to know her and am hoping that they will cherish memories of her.  I hope that Tony’s father can move on.