Summer Days

July 28, 2008

I have been needing to come here to update my blog.  I have some finished items I will post later this week, a few hats and a really cute baby set. This summer is just wizzing by.

In the Job Front:

I am madly applying for jobs so that we can get caught up in our bills.  It is just getting harder for us with everything being more expensive.  I can’t stand to read anything news related that makes it sound like these harder times are in our heads…they aren’t.  They are here.  I know for a fact I pay more for electricity to cool my house this summer then last summer.  We pay a lot more for gas.  Food is more expensive.  Hello, have you noticed the price of milk is not that much cheaper than gas?  We aren’t getting that from the middle east, either.  What is up with that?  I have been trying not to be too personal, but I think I am safe by saying that my husband’s raise this year didn’t even cover the cost of living increase.  Heck, they raised health insurance again and it didn’t even cover that.  So he is making less this year than last year and everything is more expensive.

The sad fact is I am taking off my school hat and am replacing it with my work hat.  It is hard to get a job when you have been out of the work force for awhile.  I have been trying to get a job within the local school districts as a paraprofessional, health tech, or some type of school clerc/secretary.  Keep you fingers crossed for me, okay?  We really need it.

In the Garden news:

My tomatos have been growing like crazy.  The plants are huge!  I don’t have as many tomatos as last year, but I have big plants.  I am thinking I will have some late crops.  I haven’t had any ripe enough to eat.  I can almost harvest a small handful off of my cherry tomato plant.

I had a mystery in my garden, in the tomatos.  I had been seeing these charcoal black pellets showing up under leaves, on leaves, and on the ground.  I could not understand what it was.  Was it coming from the tree above?  Was it a type of mold?  Was it poop from a bug?

Well, it was the latter, and the bug was giant horned tomato worms.  I stood out in my garden on Sunday with a friend, trying to solve this mystery.  When all of a sudden I saw one.  The plump green thing was dangling from a leaf.  It grossed me out.  I swear I almost threw up in my mouth.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it is watching too many Fear Factors or Bear Grylls episodes.  It isn’t like someone was going to force me to eat it, but it had a high ick factor.  My friend though is fearless.  She is a science teacher and thought it was cool.  She helped me “pick” them and kill them.  I had 5 on Sunday and found 1 today.  I am sure there are more out there, but I have HUGE tomato plants so for me they are hard to find.  One mystery has been solved.

My zucchini plant and yellow crook neck squash are another story.  They flower, start to fruit but then die.  Sometimes the flowers just die.  I don’t know what is up with them.  Last year I had a bumper crop.  My dad went out and had a look at them and told me the plants looked healthy and good.  He doesn’t know why they aren’t fruiting either.  Perhaps they aren’t getting polinated, I don’t know.  I am going to give them another week and then I will have to take matters (polination) into my own hands.

We went to the County Fair on Saturday.  It was fun.  The best part for me was finding a small group of local spinners sitting and spinning in one of the exhibits areas.  I have been wanting to connect with them for awhile, so it was good to finally meet them.  I got some good insight on how to clean this llama fiber that was given to me last summer.  I enjoyed the fair.  I love seeing the exhibits.  I am always amazed by the artwork.  I saw some really nice quilts.  I laughed at the knitted fun fur hats that I could make with my eyes closed.  I am always reminded that I need to enter something in the fair.  Too little, too late!

The kids are healthy and Tony and I are doing pretty good, too.  I was proud of Sierra today.  In swim lessons she jumped way out off the diving board past her instructors and swam by herself to the edge of the pool.  This is a girl that didn’t pass swim lessons a few weeks ago.  This is her last week of lessons and I am hopeful she will pass.  She starts 2nd grade on the 18th.  Madeleine starts preschool on the 4th.  Oh, man, that is next week.  Time sure does fly.  Summer days, indeed!


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