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What’s that I hear….nothing.

August 18, 2008

Yep, it is pretty darn silent around here.  With both kids in school it is weird.  For the past 7+ years there has been some type of kid noise in this house, practically 24/7.  Now every day I will have 3 hours of pure silence.  Even the husband is taking it in…sleeping style.  Nothing goes better with a little afternoon silence than an afternoon nap.

I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for last week.  It was such a hard let down.  I felt so confident about the interview, especially with both people telling me “good answer” each time they asked a question.  Unfortunately they gave the job to someone with more health care experience.   It was just a school health clerk position, I am pretty sure anyone with substantial health care experience isn’t going to settle for a 4 hour a day job (a few bucks over minimum) with no benefits.  Though…it would have been perfect for me.

So I am now applying for more “would be perfect” jobs, and crossing my fingers that I at least get an interview.  It is disappointing to get notified by email that I didn’t get a job, when I didn’t even get an interview for the job.

A little voice is telling me I need to rewrite me resume or something.  Tony tells me there is just a exceedingly large job pool here, and he is right.  This county has a huge unemployment rate, apparently it is the 6th worst in the state of California.  So, it really isn’t me…it just is what it is.  On top of that, I am returning to the job market from being a mom…and…I don’t speak fluent Spanish, which is a big deal in my area.  Perhaps I need to invest in Rosetta Stone.



August 14, 2008

Soy…I mean so, I was knitting with Tofutsies, which is suppose to be odor resistant…and well, it stinks. The first sock doesn’t have a smell. The second sock though has this odor that is strong (like burns the nose hairs strong.) I can’t place the odor. It isn’t a fishy smell and it isn’t a poop type smell (thank goodness.) It is a strong odor and it bothers me. My sniffer is a super sniffer though. Tony can’t smell it. The kids can.

I do have to say though that I really like this yarn.   It has a really nice drape to it and when I put the sock on my foot is nice and warm and perfect.

I am sensitive to smells and almost can’t tolerate candles. I can’t tolerate the stores that have a large amount of candles. I can’t tolerate any kitchen counter cleaner. Tony bought Lysol 4 in 1, GAG!! Oh, it is so gross. I can barely tolerate the Clorox Green. It has almost a “pure” lemon scent, but Tony doesn’t think it cleans good enough.

I had a job interview today and it went really well. Of course, replaying it I can always think of things I could have answered better. However, overall I think I was a star. I had them telling me, “good response.” That is a good sign, right? I am staying positive. I really need this and the hours are PERFECT for me! I can get the kids to school and make it back with plenty of time before picking up and can still do Girl Scouts.



August 10, 2008

That would be the name of my newest invention….if only I knew the magic formula.  Kool-Aid and renter’s “white” carpet just don’t mix.  After some research I found out the only way to reduce the stain is this:

1.  Wet stain with warm soapy water.

2.  Lay down absorptive cotton towel (or old flannel baby blanket.)  I thought those tea towes work the best.

3.  Put your iron on steam setting and iron over the top of the towel.  It pulls the warm soapy water and stain into the towel.

Repeat steps 1-3 until stain is gone…in my case it was never completely gone, but it went from bright red Kool-Aid stain to barely noticeable stain.

We have been watching the Olympics and have been enjoying it.  Sierra has enjoyed it the most.  She is at the perfect age (7) and is just soaking up the whole cultural aspect of it.  She loved the opening ceremony, watched the whole thing again this morning (we have it taped in the DVR.)  She was impressed that the Chinese invented paper and the kite.  Of course, really impressed with the girls that were in the ceremony, the singer, the piano player, and the one flying with the kite.  Who wouldn’t want to be any of those girls?

She announced today that she wants to be in the Olympics.  Tony told her she needed to be good at a sport.  At which she declared it would be….Swimming.  So, we will see.  Wait until she sees Women’s diving and Women’s gymnastics (my favorites!)  Oh…and synchronized swimming.  What little girl hasn’t pretended she was a synchonized swimmer?

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I have an interview on Thursday.  🙂


Uh oh…or…it’s about time?

August 9, 2008

Apparantly, they now sell yarn at Target.  I don’t know if this is limited to online only or if they actually have yarn in the store.  I know this isn’t new as at one time they sold yarn in their dollar bins.  They actually look like they are building a small selection.  They aren’t limited to yarn, though.  They even have knitting needles and roving too…as well as all sorts or needle felting supplies.  In my opinion, if they are going to sell yarn, they might as well carry a full selection and not tidbits of something here and there.   Perhaps this is the beginning…


Granny Square update

August 7, 2008

Remember these?  Well, I crocheted a lot of them and then I stopped.  I couldn’t find my size H crochet hook.  Apparantly I only own one of these.   I looked and looked and then gave up.  So I had put this project aside and did other things.  Then, a few days ago I saw the hook.  It was sticking out of the top of one of my yarn bins (I have canvas bins with yarn in them tucked into cubbies.)  I was baffled that I had “left” it there, but happy I found it and then laughed at myself because sometimes I am spacey and leave things in odd places.

Fast forward to the other night when I told my husband the story so that he could also get a chuckle (or maybe get concerned) that I space out and forget where I put things.  He chuckled alright.  Apparantly, he had moved the couch to look for his stereo remote (kids hide it) and my crochet hook fell out of it.  So he stuck it in one of my bins.  Little did he know I had been searching for that.  In fact, I had it on my secret “must buy” list the next time we had money to spend.

So I have been crocheting away and have crocheted through most my stashed SWS (which was a lot.)  I still have some natural violet colorway I am going to use.  They take up most of the diningroom table.

After I have the number of squares I want then I am going to go and buy some SWS in Snow and will crochet a border around each square in the snow colorway, before I lace them all together.

Oh, and this isn’t the layout I am going to use to put them together.  I just through them up on the table.  On the bottom right corner there is one square that is the Natuarl Earth colorway.  I have more of this colorway.  Should I incorporate some of these into the afghan or do you think it is too odd to fit in?  I probably have enough of the natural earth to crochet 10 squares.

Granny Squares

Tomorrow is Madeleine’s first day of preschool.  I am so excited for her.  Tony is going to go and hang out with her the whole time.  I get to do a lot with the kids, so I thought it would be good he could share this with her.