August 10, 2008

That would be the name of my newest invention….if only I knew the magic formula.  Kool-Aid and renter’s “white” carpet just don’t mix.  After some research I found out the only way to reduce the stain is this:

1.  Wet stain with warm soapy water.

2.  Lay down absorptive cotton towel (or old flannel baby blanket.)  I thought those tea towes work the best.

3.  Put your iron on steam setting and iron over the top of the towel.  It pulls the warm soapy water and stain into the towel.

Repeat steps 1-3 until stain is gone…in my case it was never completely gone, but it went from bright red Kool-Aid stain to barely noticeable stain.

We have been watching the Olympics and have been enjoying it.  Sierra has enjoyed it the most.  She is at the perfect age (7) and is just soaking up the whole cultural aspect of it.  She loved the opening ceremony, watched the whole thing again this morning (we have it taped in the DVR.)  She was impressed that the Chinese invented paper and the kite.  Of course, really impressed with the girls that were in the ceremony, the singer, the piano player, and the one flying with the kite.  Who wouldn’t want to be any of those girls?

She announced today that she wants to be in the Olympics.  Tony told her she needed to be good at a sport.  At which she declared it would be….Swimming.  So, we will see.  Wait until she sees Women’s diving and Women’s gymnastics (my favorites!)  Oh…and synchronized swimming.  What little girl hasn’t pretended she was a synchonized swimmer?

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I have an interview on Thursday.  🙂


  1. Kool-aid stains are the worst.. We had one too that we could never quite get out however I have never heard of the iron trick.. That is cool!

    We too are enjoying the olympics they are neat to watch!

    Good Luck on your interview! I have my fingers crossed for you! Keep us posted!

    Take care!

  2. I’m sorry about the kool-aid stain girlie. You know though, that’s why the stuff makes such great dye.

    Can you use a little bleach?

  3. You know, I was babysitting my little cousin when my soon to be Aunt brought over my other cousins to visit. The other cousins had red slushies and I told them to keep them out of the living room because it had light, off white carpet. Well they prceeded to ignore me and spilt a HUGE slushie on the carpet. I flipped out, it was right in the middle of the floor. I spent two hours scubbing on that spot and I finally got it all out.

    I feel your pain!

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