I’m back!

June 12, 2009

I have decided to resume blogging again. I am knitting, crocheting, and designing again. I am back! I don’t know how frequent my blogging will be…so bear with me. Also, I have lost my domain name….so I can either reinvent one or just use the wordpress one. I haven’t decided.

Just because I stopped blogging, doesn’t mean I stopped reading blogs.

A lot of personal craziness has happened in the past 9 months that I would love to share with some of you, but am not comfortable posting all the details of it for all of the internet to see.

I will just say that this year has probably been one of the hardest, most challenging years for Tony and I. I got a job, lost a job, gained friends, lost friends, Tony lost his father, I had my purse stolen, and we both have had to deal with identity theft.

On the plus side, my kids are healthy and happy and we have been looking to find the positive around us.

So…back to what I love to do…my fiber arts:

I have designed something for the home. It is crochet and I think it is Publish Worthy. So, should I self publish? Should I try to get it into a magazine? Does anyone know any books looking for patterns?

I want to take a picture of it so bad and post it…but I know that if I am going to get it published somewhere I need to keep it to myself.



  1. Yay about your blogging. I so owe you an email, things are nutty here as usual.

    Sorry about Tony’s father, especially since he lost his mom too this year.

    Miss ya!

  2. Thanks Deneen! It has been really hard for him.

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