In progress: Knit Hermia from Knitty

June 15, 2009

Knit Hermia from Knitty

Originally uploaded by earthwhisper

Here is another project that I started awhile back (end of December) that I put down.  It is Hermia from Knitty. I have 4 more lace repeats and then go work the hem, sleeves, and finishing touches…I put on Ravelry that I was 60% along, but that probably is wishful thinking. A good knitting goal for the night would be to tear through the 4 more lace repeats, but that is 32 rows and I am not sure I have that in me…will see! I wish I could show you it in a more flattering way, or even on me…but I don’t have a manequin and the cable needle isn’t long enough for me to put it on and take a good picture. So, you get this floor shot.

Today I submitted a crochet pattern to Crochet Today! It is a pretty simple concept, so if I get reject, I won’t feel bad. I just have a feeling it is publish worthy, so thought I would put myself out there. If I hear any news in the next 6 months, I will post.

I created a really nice garden this year. I planted 4 types of tomatoes (Beefstake, Early Girl, Better Boy, and Sweet 100.) I also planted zucchini, crook neck squash, sunflowers, Walla Walla onions, bell peppers, king pepper, and watermelon. I did have cucumber, but they didn’t survive.

So far I have picked 3 ripe zucchini and eaten 2. My cherry tomatoes are almost ripe. It is going to be a good year for my garden, I can already tell!

Finally, blog name. I once owned the domain name: earthwhisperfiberarts.com. However, I have accidentally let that domain expire and GoDaddy has told me it is $80 for them to retrieve it from the redemption period. I don’t want to pay that. When it goes out of the redemption period, I might be able to get it back again. However, there is a good chance someone wanting the traffic will take it before I do…that is my luck.

So, I can choose to keep the wordpress name. Or, I can pay for a new domain name and “recreate” myself. I am sort of leaning towards the latter idea. I have a few names I have been tossing around for awhile and they aren’t as long as my original. This would be a good time to change it too…


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