Knitty Hermia – in progress

June 19, 2009

Knitty Hermia

Originally uploaded by earthwhisper

I finally bound off the cardigan. I need to sew under the Picot Hem.

I still have the arms and the button band to knit. The pattern calls for Hook and Eye closure, but I don’t like that. So, I think I am going to go for a regular button band. I guess I will have to work out some math to see where I want to space the buttons out…or do I just want to put buttons on the top of it…and not the bottom. I don’t know.

I noticed by this picture that one side has darker stripes than the other side, but I think in the end it will look okay. Also, with my size I know horizontal stripes are a “no no….” but…I like this yarn.

I tried to get a picture of me wearing it, but the pictures weren’t very good. It does fit though, so I am very happy with that!

I do have plans to visit my parents soon in Mendo and am hoping to have this finished before then so I can wear it….as they have year round cool weather.


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  1. oooh, pretty!!

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