One sleeve done…

June 27, 2009

I haven’t forgotten about my little bloggy here, but was waiting to blog when I had some progress to talk about.

I have finally completed one sleeve. The pattern states to knit it to 13 inches from underarm, but that is only a 3/4 sleeve.

When I look at the pattern, the pictures clearly show the sleeve knit down to her wrist. Tell me….how long are your arms? Perhaps my arms are long as I had to knit almost 18 inches to get the sweater to go down to my wrist. Granted…she did say on there “or less than 0.75 from desired sleeve length.” I just felt like I had ape like arms compared to who the pattern was written for.

Today I am going to start the second sleeve. My goal is to get this completed by Thursday as I will be going away to my ocean getaway and might actually have a chance to wear it. Otherwise…in this California heat…I will have to wait about 5 months!



  1. I’m glad you’re blogging again! Hermia looks great!

  2. From my shoulder to my wrist is exactly 18″.

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