July 10, 2009

Quick note to let you all know I finished the cardigan.  I will have Tony take a picture of me tomorrow wearing it.  It is AWESOME!!  It fits me perfect, which is surprising as I thought it might be a little bit too big.   I picked out the perfect buttons, even Tony agrees…right choice.  I will leave you in suspense for the pic.

Nothing like finishing a wool cardigan in the middle of summer…ha ha!!  I am so happy I have completed a major project.  I think my next projects will be finishing some socks that are missing their matches…not sure.   I have noticed that most of my wool socks that I have knit are starting to get holes in them.  Those things don’t last forever..sigh!  This summer is going to be all about finishing things.

Then, my next big project will be another sweater for my dad.  I have been considering the Fog Sweater. Though…I think I am going to do a different neck as I am not sure my dad will like turtle neck.  I really like the neckline of the last sweater I made him.   I have had other family members beg me to make them things.   However, my dad is first on my list again because of his dedictation and devotion to the last sweater I knit him.  He has worn it every day since I made it 2 years ago.  He has the cold weather for it.  He just loves it that much.  That means a LOT!!  There is nothing like the satisfaction of a knitter to find out something you have made gets daily usage.  That is what we want.  Nothing is worse than to find out something you slaved over for months was pushed to the back of a drawer.  He genuinely loves it.  So, he deserves another to love.  Those are my rules.  😉


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