If the sock fits….

July 23, 2009

…wear it!  Right?  Well, here is a tale of 3 socks.

Sock #1:  Not a new sock…but one I knit probably a year ago.  I didn’t really like the yarn to begin with and sometimes when that happens…I tend to be more attracted to it.  Weird, I know.

So I decided to knit a ribbed sock.  However, I forgot to knit a few extra rows of straight stockinette stich before doing the short row heel.  It made for a short heel and the ribbing would fall down into the heel…not something you really want.

Then, I knit the sock and finished it off too soon.  I had my mom in mind, but sometimes I mis-calculate when to start the toe.  I asked my mother to try it on and it was a stretched fit.  She like it though, but my mom is sock a sock loving fool.  No just kidding.  My mom needs wool socks like kids need candy.  It is cold there and she never has enough.  Plus, the ones I made her are starting to wear out.

I started the second sock (not shown) and somehow can’t get to the heel.  I have put it down and pulled the needles out and well…you can guess what state it in.

However, because of recent events.  I had an epiphony.  I wonder if the sock fits…
kids knit socks 2

Yep, it does.  It is the sock on the right and it fits Sierra!

Sock #2 is the grey cabled sock on the left.  The pattern for this sock is from Handknit Holidays I am using Patons Wool Merino (it is discontinued, but I have some balls left over from my dad’s sweater.)  In fact, these were meant to be for my father.  I originally casted on 56 stitches with size 6 needles.  However after doing the ribbing the thing seemed HUGE!!  So, after the hours I spent on ribbing, I ripped it out and did a new cast on of 48 stitches.

Well…after getting to the heel, I have realized the cables have pulled the thing in.  So much that after I knit the heel, I could barely put it on my foot.  My dad has size 11 feet.   I finished the cable pattern and worked on the toe and wouldn’t you know…the sock fits:
kids knit socks

Madeleine!  Yep, it didn’t even fit Sierra.  Honestly, I finished the sock early once I realized it wasn’t going to fit my dad.  I just wanted to get it off the needles.  Madeleine has room to grow in them.

Sock #3 is knit with Trekking with this pattern, Mr. Pitt’s Socks. I figured I would use the 80 Stitch cast on as the pattern suggested because Koigu seems a bit thicker than Trekking.   The thing is that I have knit with Trekking many times and have always done a casto on of 72.  I should have gone with 72.  I really think for this pattern with all the ribbing (it is a 3×1 rib) that it is too stretchy.  My dad has long feet, but he isn’t a fat man.  In fact, he has pretty slim, yet muscular legs.

Let me note…there is nothing wrong with the pattern…just with my knitting tension 80 is too big…just say’n.

It is too late though as I knit 9 inches of the ribbing to the heel and have already worked the short row heel (because I don’t like heel flaps) and am know working the foot part of the sock.

I figured even superwash yarn shrinks a little bit and perhaps after a few washes it won’t be as big.  Regardless dad will like them either way.

He is the man that wears the sweater I knit him every single day.  Yes, it is that cold there….but also, I think he does it because I made it for him.  He just really likes it.

Dad's Trekking Sock

Hopefully I get the length right and these truly will be for him…now my worry is will I be able to get 1 pair of size 11 feet out of one ball of this sock yarn?

The yarn is the Pro Natura and has some bamboo in it.  It isn’t scratchy at all! I like the color okay, but wish there was less gold and more brown.

In my personal life:  the dark cloud keeps following us, but we are managing.  I have applied for 2 positions at a company I use to work for and am trying to stay hopeful.  The girls just finished swim lessons for the summer….lazy days ahead!



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  2. nice feet

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