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Welcome, 2008!!

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone!! This was my last project of 2007, a baby hat and pullover for a coworker.

Baby Boy Knit pullover and hat

Pattern: Caron Baby Caftan (without girly embroidery, added white stripes for boyish look.)

Needles: Size 7 & 8

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft – Country Blue and some misc white acrylic baby yarn doubled for contrast.

This was a fast, easy weekend project.

The hat is from this pattern: TLL Basic Knit Hat Pattern, though I increased the length of the hat a few extra rows.

Also, I started the decreases at Knit 4, Knit 2tog, because with a cast on of 54, 6 is easily divisible. The pattern starts it at Knit 3, Knit2tog…and well, 54 isn’t divided evenly by 5.

Also in December, I knit 2 pairs of wrist warmers (not shown) and in early December I crocheted the Sweet Pea Shawl from the Happy Hooker book.

I took the picture in the evening, right before I gave it to my friend for her birthday, so the picture/lighting isn’t the greatest.
Crocheted Sweet Pea Shawl

I have also been working on a few other projects, but that is all that I finished.

In 2008, Tony and I have both decided to work on our health more, exercise more, eat better, get more organized, work harder on our finances so we can buy a house, be nicer to each other and the kids…you know, all of the usual things. Probably things everyone can hope to do better. Maybe I should add, be a better blogger in there…

Tony added, may we not have to visit the ER more then once in a month…and I added…may we not visit the ER at ALL this year.


Monkey socks in Oops

August 26, 2007

I finished my first pair of Monkey socks. They are done in Claudia Co. hand painted yarn in the color way of Oops, which is blue, purple and turquoise and brown/maroon. I made them for a lady in my mother’s club who won a charity auction. She wanted blue and earthy colors, not bright colors. I hope this is a color that she will be happy with. I love them. This was a pretty easy knit.
Oops Monkey Socks

Tomorrow you will get to see a picture of Sierra’s “pretty” black eye. She was making a village up on her bookshelf while standing on a plastic table and slipped and hit her cheekbone on the toy box. She is okay, just bruised. Nothing like going to school the second week with a black eye. I went and got her some arnica for it. They sell it at Longs, the dissolving tablets and gel.


Crocheted Bag

August 20, 2007

I finished another Fat Bottom Bag. It is done with Classic Elite Imagine and Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I took the picture at night, so it is hard to see that the yarn colors compliment each other, but they do. I lined it with a rayon material that I had. It was really silky and hard to sew in, but once I did, it looks perfect for the bag. I made it for my sil for her birthday and she loves it.
Fat Bottom Bag
Fat Bottom Bag


Socka 4 Finished & Blocking

August 2, 2007

Yep, I finished them last night and washed them this morning. They were suppose to be mailed today. I will mail them tomorrow. I hope my swap partner likes them.

I have never participated in a swap like this and am nervous that the socks won’t fit or the toe isn’t the way she will like it. I am going to send her the remaining yarn so if she needs to make them longer or different she can. I wish I had sock blockers so the socks would dry more uniform, but ah…once you get them on your feet it won’t matter that much, right?
Jaywalker Socks That Rock

I won an awesome blog contest a few weeks ago and look what came in the mail last weekend.  Thanks Sara!!!

Esta muy bueno!!  Te quero!

The book is more awesome then I had expected.  This is my first lace weight yarn.  I look forward to knitting a shawl.  🙂


Askew – Finished

July 1, 2007

And, I like it.

Wendy's Askew

I did a little bit of manipulations to get this pattern to work for me.

The first thing I did was I unseamed the side seams. I then resewed it to from the bottom up. I stopped the side seam at the garter stitches before the last 10 stockinette stitches on the front. This is actually what it looks like in the original picture. I think that the finishing details might have been off, because the pattern says to seam up to the garter stitch on the strap.

So, when I seamed to the garter stitches before the 10 st, I got a larger armhole, which was perfect. I tried it on and I still wasn’t happy with the straps, but they were better than before.

So, I ripped the straps down. I bound off 9 stitches on the outside edge and picked up 9 stitches on the middle section (the stitches I had previously bound off.) I then knit the straps back up and attached them in the back.

I did attach them towards the center, which I think I might move, because I don’t think they are as comfortable.
Wendy's Askew

I love how it turned out and glad that I gave it some time to fiddle with it. I am wearing this directly against my skin and it isn’t too bad. This is definitely a top I can wear while at the ocean.

Pattern: Knitty Askew

Needles: Size 9

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden color 230 approx 6 balls (I had a little bit leftover.)


So Sorry Silk

June 7, 2007

I bought some Sari Silk about a year ago off ebay and got a fantastic deal.  When I got it, I was in awe of all of the colors and how beautiful the yarn looked, trying to ignore the terribly musty and icky smell.

I thought it would make a neat clapotis or shawl.  So I casted on for the clapotis.  However, as I was knitting with it, I noticed how dirty it was.  (I have blog posted about this before.)  It took awhile to wind the yarn up into balls, so the thought of winding the balls into a hank and washing them just seemed a waste of my time.

As I would knit with it, my throat would feel scratchy and I would start to think about the possibility of getting some weird illness from dust or dirt from the other side of the world.  Silly, I am sure, but other people handled this yarn and it was dirty.  I would find fingernails and other odd things spun into the yarn.  Gross, but I tried to be open minded.  It is just yarn and these were probably nice people spinning it, but still…

So I put the clapotis down and told myself I will either frog it or one day finish it.

This was over a year ago.

A week ago, I decided that I needed to knit some of my novelty and misc yarns into scarves.  I have a few things I am doing soon where I will need gifts and thought big scarves would be perfect.  I will have to talk about the novelty yarns I used in another blog post.  It is interesting.  But that isn’t what I am posting about today.

I decided to try the Sari Silk yarn again and just make a simple garter stitch/drop stitch scarf.  Again, the yarn was dirty, smelly, and made me squirm.  I knit with size 17 needles and in less than 2 days I had a nice long scarf.  I bound off the scarf and threw it in the washing machine on gentle.

I had read that this yarn softens up real nicely after washing it.   I put it on a long soak.  The washing machine smelled like gasoline.  GASOLINE!  My scarf!!  How crazy is that?  Tony said it smelled like a tire store.  I thought it was gas.  Tony has a bad sense of smell and rarely can smell anything.

After it washed, I looked at it and there was a huge gaping hole.  Not only that, but the yarn some how sealed itself off, so I can’t find the ends.  I have thought of a few ways to fix it, like taking more of that yarn and trying to sew the hole closed.  I don’t know.  That would require me to touch the dirty yarn again.

I suppose I could wind it all into long hanks and wash it…

ps…it is pretty, isn’t it…even with the hole…


Baby Hats

May 24, 2007

My cousin will be having her baby in a few days…yep, a boy.  I thought a pile of hats would be nice.  I am not done with the blanket I was working on.

The top one is a ribbed hat, I just winged it.  I cast on 48 st on size 8 needles w/ cotton-ease.  It is really stretchy and light.

The one on the right, I also winged.  I cast on 92 st with Rowan Calmer on size 5 needles.  At the top, I did two decreases to get to  90 and then did your normal hat decreasing (K8, K2tog….k7, k2tog…k6, k2tog…etc.)

The one on the left is from this pattern, thought I casted on 8 stitches to get an 8 point star, instead of 7.  It is also with the Rowan Calmer, which I am thinking is a lot like cotton-ease, but a bit stretchier, softer, and slightly thinner.