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Oh Cotton…you are not safe

August 21, 2007

Nope, not safe at all…

Every few months I go through my yarn stash and misc knit/crocheted projects and make sure it is safe from bugs.

So far I have been good at not finding much traces of moth type infestations, though I did find a moth in some roving it didn’t do any damage and I froze the roving and then spun it and haven’t had any breakouts.

I did find carpet beetles and they weren’t in my wool. In fact, they weren’t really in my yarn balls at all. Instead, I found them in a knit sweater that I never pieced together. It was made of cotton-ease (50% cotton 50% acrylic.) There were just a couple of them and I killed them. I never pieced the sweater because it was a baby sweater I knit when I was learning and I did my increases and decreases wrong so I have holes along the neckline.

Since it is a baby sweater and I no longer have a baby, I see no reason to finish it. I set it aside until I knew what to do with it. No I might just trash it just in case there are eggs or something in the yarn which I can’t see.

I knew a few days ago I had them because I saw a carpet beetle on the wall by my clock above my yarn desk. Going through my stash gives me the opportunity to clean up my work area, organize it, and destash what I no longer want.

So far, my wool is safe. Surprisingly, the cotton may not be. I still need to go through my cotton-ease stash. I am afraid.

I think of all of the bugs that like textiles, carpet beetles are probably the mildest. Even the sweater that had the bug on it showed no damage.

I have a feeling that the carpet beetles are in my llama fur which was given to me. They are in paper bags under the desk and while I looked in there and did not see anything, it is some big bags of fur. While tree/plant nectar is the #1 food source for the beetles, the larvae love animal fur and I have read are a common pest of museums. So, I am going to relocate my llama fur to another part of the house and store them in a rubber made container.

Sorry, Deneen, I know this post will disturb you. Had to share, though. I am finally back to blogging.

eta:  I did go through all my cotton-ease and found another carpet beetle in there.  I find it so odd that out of all my yarn that the carpet beetles are in the cotton/acrylic mix, not the wool, not the mohair, not any of my roving.  No damage was done, either.


Swing Tank

June 19, 2006

Summer Swing Top

Pattern: Summer Swing Top

Needles: size 5

Yarn: Cotton-ease in color Banana Cream

Pattern notes: This pattern worked up very easy and quick. I was a little thrown off by the circumference of the bottom of the top, but it looks cute on Madeleine so I think it is fine. I was 1 1/2 off in the length, but it is for a toddler who is smaller than Madeleine, so I think it will be okay. If I were to make this for Madeleine, I would do one more pattern repeat in the skirt part. It would change the yoke a bit, but since it is ribbing I think it would be fine.

I am happy to have finished something, of course it isn’t one of my work’s in progress…because apparantly I have some type of attention problem.

And…because I have a category for bugs, I found a moth today in a bag of wool roving. Can you believe that? It was in a sealed zip lock bag. I checked the seal and it was fine. Ick! I looked through all the bags of wool I have and that was the only one.

If I told you the past three days have been hot here is an understatement. The problem is that last week it was so cool, 75 degrees one day. Then, Friday it was 100 degrees and felt about the same Saturday and today. I love the sun, but I hate 100 degree weather. My ideal is low 80’s. We almost went to see my parent’s this weekend, but we really needed some time at home. Maybe tomorrow I will show you a picture of my flower garden.

I had planted flowers about a month ago and they all died (except the lavender, it is still doing really well.) Yesterday we went to home depot and bought some more flowers. I also bought some mulch and hopefully my flowers will have a better chance now of living.



June 8, 2006

Nope, not a new pattern.

A few weeks ago Tony’s parents asked Sierra what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer: “Protector of Animals.” (((HUGS))) I love this child.

So, it was no wonder today when we were in the backyard she spotted a dragonfly and wouldn’t you know it, the dragonfly landed on her hand. I was able to run into the house and get the camera.