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Larger than Life beg..

June 19, 2007

Larger than Life Bag:
Crocheted Larger Than Life Bag
Side 1
Crocheted Larger Than Life Bag
Side 2

I need to buy some bright fabric to line the bag and am still contemplating on how I will work the handles. I took this picture at night in my house with the flash, so the colors aren’t exact, they are the old cotton-ease colors.

I crocheted the squares using dc, in red. For me, it was easier than sewing them together.

Sidewinders: (I was intrigued by this pattern by other knit bloggers and had to try it. I am going to try again, real soon…really, really soon.)
I worked the gauge swatch and was excited I got gauge. I cast-on on Friday and was addicted to this pattern. I had half of the sock done Saturday and decided to measure gauge, on a whim and wasn’t getting gauge, which is suppose to be 30st/4 inch and I was getting 26st/4 inch. Since I was knitting these for my sock-A partner, I decided I am going to frog this and look for another pattern. (I will post the pics, just so you can see how odd and cool the socks were looking before I realized I had to frog them.)

I want to use this yarn as my sock partner has purple shoes and green shoes. However, this yarn is so busy, it is hard to find a pattern that will work. I tried RPM, but they were coming out too large, too. Though I can easily change it. I might just cast on less stitches on the RPM and start over, I don’t know. I am so indecisive on this and the clock is ticking.


I casted on, and worked up a few inches and wasn’t getting gauge. The cast-on stitches are small, so I figured it wasn’t worth making a gauge swatch. I am this way. I think I need to work with size 9 needles, instead of 7



June 13, 2007

I finished one set of squares for the Larger than Life Bag. This is part of a Crochet-Along with the Fiber Freaks.
Squares 001

I am making two sets. I didn’t start out doing that, but when I first started to crochet them I was just picking random colors from my cotton-ease stash (the “old” colors.) Well, I had 12 colors and my squares were looking too disconnected. So I decided to do a primary color bag and a pastel colored bag.
Squares 003

I finished the squares of the primary bag. After I get some more Pistachio colored yarn I will finish the pastel squares.


One skein scarf

September 7, 2006

(picture is clickable)

Crocheted One Skein Scarf

Pattern: Happy Hooker or free Patons pattern
Hook: Size K

Yarn: Hand dyed wool with Kool-Aid and Food coloring.

I made the clusters at the ends 7dc clusters, instead of 5. I also fudged a bit on the corners as for some reason my numbers weren’t lining up, but only I know that. ha ha…

This scarf worked up pretty fast, one night. I didn’t like counting over 200, but I survived it. This was done for a CAL at Fiber Freaks. So while my September challenge I am not suppose to start any new projects, the CAL and KAL are my exceptions…oh and anything I have to create for my new job (which I haven’t done much planning for…) They only gave me a week to plan…I will get it figured out.

If I haven’t answered emails or comments, I apologize. I am running on fumes and hopefully will get to emails and comments by the weekend and more than likely sooner. 🙂