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Granny Square update

August 7, 2008

Remember these?  Well, I crocheted a lot of them and then I stopped.  I couldn’t find my size H crochet hook.  Apparantly I only own one of these.   I looked and looked and then gave up.  So I had put this project aside and did other things.  Then, a few days ago I saw the hook.  It was sticking out of the top of one of my yarn bins (I have canvas bins with yarn in them tucked into cubbies.)  I was baffled that I had “left” it there, but happy I found it and then laughed at myself because sometimes I am spacey and leave things in odd places.

Fast forward to the other night when I told my husband the story so that he could also get a chuckle (or maybe get concerned) that I space out and forget where I put things.  He chuckled alright.  Apparantly, he had moved the couch to look for his stereo remote (kids hide it) and my crochet hook fell out of it.  So he stuck it in one of my bins.  Little did he know I had been searching for that.  In fact, I had it on my secret “must buy” list the next time we had money to spend.

So I have been crocheting away and have crocheted through most my stashed SWS (which was a lot.)  I still have some natural violet colorway I am going to use.  They take up most of the diningroom table.

After I have the number of squares I want then I am going to go and buy some SWS in Snow and will crochet a border around each square in the snow colorway, before I lace them all together.

Oh, and this isn’t the layout I am going to use to put them together.  I just through them up on the table.  On the bottom right corner there is one square that is the Natuarl Earth colorway.  I have more of this colorway.  Should I incorporate some of these into the afghan or do you think it is too odd to fit in?  I probably have enough of the natural earth to crochet 10 squares.

Granny Squares

Tomorrow is Madeleine’s first day of preschool.  I am so excited for her.  Tony is going to go and hang out with her the whole time.  I get to do a lot with the kids, so I thought it would be good he could share this with her.


Welcome, 2008!!

January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone!! This was my last project of 2007, a baby hat and pullover for a coworker.

Baby Boy Knit pullover and hat

Pattern: Caron Baby Caftan (without girly embroidery, added white stripes for boyish look.)

Needles: Size 7 & 8

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft – Country Blue and some misc white acrylic baby yarn doubled for contrast.

This was a fast, easy weekend project.

The hat is from this pattern: TLL Basic Knit Hat Pattern, though I increased the length of the hat a few extra rows.

Also, I started the decreases at Knit 4, Knit 2tog, because with a cast on of 54, 6 is easily divisible. The pattern starts it at Knit 3, Knit2tog…and well, 54 isn’t divided evenly by 5.

Also in December, I knit 2 pairs of wrist warmers (not shown) and in early December I crocheted the Sweet Pea Shawl from the Happy Hooker book.

I took the picture in the evening, right before I gave it to my friend for her birthday, so the picture/lighting isn’t the greatest.
Crocheted Sweet Pea Shawl

I have also been working on a few other projects, but that is all that I finished.

In 2008, Tony and I have both decided to work on our health more, exercise more, eat better, get more organized, work harder on our finances so we can buy a house, be nicer to each other and the kids…you know, all of the usual things. Probably things everyone can hope to do better. Maybe I should add, be a better blogger in there…

Tony added, may we not have to visit the ER more then once in a month…and I added…may we not visit the ER at ALL this year.


Crocheted Bag

August 20, 2007

I finished another Fat Bottom Bag. It is done with Classic Elite Imagine and Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I took the picture at night, so it is hard to see that the yarn colors compliment each other, but they do. I lined it with a rayon material that I had. It was really silky and hard to sew in, but once I did, it looks perfect for the bag. I made it for my sil for her birthday and she loves it.
Fat Bottom Bag
Fat Bottom Bag


Larger than Life beg..

June 19, 2007

Larger than Life Bag:
Crocheted Larger Than Life Bag
Side 1
Crocheted Larger Than Life Bag
Side 2

I need to buy some bright fabric to line the bag and am still contemplating on how I will work the handles. I took this picture at night in my house with the flash, so the colors aren’t exact, they are the old cotton-ease colors.

I crocheted the squares using dc, in red. For me, it was easier than sewing them together.

Sidewinders: (I was intrigued by this pattern by other knit bloggers and had to try it. I am going to try again, real soon…really, really soon.)
I worked the gauge swatch and was excited I got gauge. I cast-on on Friday and was addicted to this pattern. I had half of the sock done Saturday and decided to measure gauge, on a whim and wasn’t getting gauge, which is suppose to be 30st/4 inch and I was getting 26st/4 inch. Since I was knitting these for my sock-A partner, I decided I am going to frog this and look for another pattern. (I will post the pics, just so you can see how odd and cool the socks were looking before I realized I had to frog them.)

I want to use this yarn as my sock partner has purple shoes and green shoes. However, this yarn is so busy, it is hard to find a pattern that will work. I tried RPM, but they were coming out too large, too. Though I can easily change it. I might just cast on less stitches on the RPM and start over, I don’t know. I am so indecisive on this and the clock is ticking.


I casted on, and worked up a few inches and wasn’t getting gauge. The cast-on stitches are small, so I figured it wasn’t worth making a gauge swatch. I am this way. I think I need to work with size 9 needles, instead of 7



June 13, 2007

I finished one set of squares for the Larger than Life Bag. This is part of a Crochet-Along with the Fiber Freaks.
Squares 001

I am making two sets. I didn’t start out doing that, but when I first started to crochet them I was just picking random colors from my cotton-ease stash (the “old” colors.) Well, I had 12 colors and my squares were looking too disconnected. So I decided to do a primary color bag and a pastel colored bag.
Squares 003

I finished the squares of the primary bag. After I get some more Pistachio colored yarn I will finish the pastel squares.


Great Weekend!

June 4, 2007

I had a great weekend! I got to see some friends, my cousin’s new baby, and got a lot of sun. It is amazing how the sun on your skin makes you feel (even if it isn’t good for you.) I also got a new pair of shoes. I wanted them in the light brown, but they didn’t have my size. I bought the black. Ignore the price…I pay a lot of money for shoes that help my back. I think they are worth it.


Because I feel I can never have too many projects. I started another one:


RPM socks for my sockapalooza swap partner. I knitting with size 2 needles. I love the pattern. I wish my needle didn’t have a splinter in the middle of it where the Brittney name is stamped. I am constantly wondering if these are going to be too big…


Kids Crocheted top pattern

May 4, 2007

Fourth of July Top for kids

The yarn for this is discontinued.  So, I am offering it as a free pattern.  Happy Crocheting!  Enjoy!