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Larger than Life beg..

June 19, 2007

Larger than Life Bag:
Crocheted Larger Than Life Bag
Side 1
Crocheted Larger Than Life Bag
Side 2

I need to buy some bright fabric to line the bag and am still contemplating on how I will work the handles. I took this picture at night in my house with the flash, so the colors aren’t exact, they are the old cotton-ease colors.

I crocheted the squares using dc, in red. For me, it was easier than sewing them together.

Sidewinders: (I was intrigued by this pattern by other knit bloggers and had to try it. I am going to try again, real soon…really, really soon.)
I worked the gauge swatch and was excited I got gauge. I cast-on on Friday and was addicted to this pattern. I had half of the sock done Saturday and decided to measure gauge, on a whim and wasn’t getting gauge, which is suppose to be 30st/4 inch and I was getting 26st/4 inch. Since I was knitting these for my sock-A partner, I decided I am going to frog this and look for another pattern. (I will post the pics, just so you can see how odd and cool the socks were looking before I realized I had to frog them.)

I want to use this yarn as my sock partner has purple shoes and green shoes. However, this yarn is so busy, it is hard to find a pattern that will work. I tried RPM, but they were coming out too large, too. Though I can easily change it. I might just cast on less stitches on the RPM and start over, I don’t know. I am so indecisive on this and the clock is ticking.


I casted on, and worked up a few inches and wasn’t getting gauge. The cast-on stitches are small, so I figured it wasn’t worth making a gauge swatch. I am this way. I think I need to work with size 9 needles, instead of 7



June 14, 2007

I casted on Askew tonight…


I think it is going to be a fast knit. You know how I like lots of WIP’s! 🙂

ps…Lyndy, you should know I like asymmetrical.  Since the yarn is self-striping, I don’t know how easy/hard it will be to line up the stripes.


Great Weekend!

June 4, 2007

I had a great weekend! I got to see some friends, my cousin’s new baby, and got a lot of sun. It is amazing how the sun on your skin makes you feel (even if it isn’t good for you.) I also got a new pair of shoes. I wanted them in the light brown, but they didn’t have my size. I bought the black. Ignore the price…I pay a lot of money for shoes that help my back. I think they are worth it.


Because I feel I can never have too many projects. I started another one:


RPM socks for my sockapalooza swap partner. I knitting with size 2 needles. I love the pattern. I wish my needle didn’t have a splinter in the middle of it where the Brittney name is stamped. I am constantly wondering if these are going to be too big…


Boobalicious front

May 16, 2007

(black is hard to photograph)

Here is the front. I almost have the right “sleeve” done.

Here is the “Shocker.” I will finish the front with using only 4 1/2 balls of yarn. The pattern calls for 13 balls of yarn. My front is right on gauge and is measuring what it is suppose to measure.

How in the world will I use all 13 balls of yarn? Please don’t tell me the back will use 8 1/2 balls of yarn.

So, I tried to google and flickr and all other methods of researching who has made this to and have really come out blank. (Hello…I need ravelry!) I am trying to be so patient about waiting for the invite, but am feeling very low on the totem pole of knit blog popularity.

I am even on the Big Girls Knits List and can’t find a finished top. I did finally find one person who knit it, and it was the wrong size. So she frogged it and knit it again and then it fit wrong and so she felted hers into a purse. Hopefully that won’t happen to me (especially since Cathay will not felt.)

How is it this book has been out for over a year and no one has made this top? Lots of people want to make it. Lots of people have casted on this top.


Granny SWS

May 1, 2007

First, I need to say…I love Patons SWS!  I just love it!  I love the stripes, I love how soft it is!  It is a happy yarn.

This Sunday I attempted to organize a knitting/crochet group for this area.  I advertised at Knitter’sReview,, Crochetville, I left my email/blog address at and then on several of the Yahoo lists I am on.  I also did a google search for knit blogs in my area and spammed a few people.  After my efforts, I was able to meetup with one person, Annie Elf.  She is a new crocheter.

I had a fun time with her.  She is doing some really nice granny squares.  I think the yarn she was using was Lang Mille Colori.  The yarn is gorgeous and I love how the grannies were looking.  I mentioned to her the yarn looked similar to Patons SWS.

Tonight, I remembered I had some small leftover balls of the SWS in various colors.

So, here are a few grannies in the Natural Pink colorway.

These Grannies were fun!

This weekend, I finally finished one sock.  I quickly casted on the second sock.  It is my way of making sure a mate gets made.

On Friday I had to do a class demo.  I worked on an Entrelac scarf in Patons SWS Natural Earth.

People were interested in learning this technique, so I am going to add that to my class schedule for this summer.   Every time I knit or crochet or display something in Patons SWS it draws attention.  Did I mention I loved Patons SWS?



April 18, 2007

I am still working on Prosperous Plum, and am up to the straps. The pattern calls for you to measure to get the right strap size. Since I am not knitting this to my size, I don’t have anyone to measure. Any suggestions? I guess I could call around to some size small friends tomorrow…

I am happy with this progress. I have no doubts I will have this finished by Friday.

ETA:  I did a bit of reading and it seems that standard size “small” armhole length is 7.5 to 8 inches, so that is what I am going to do.


Prosperous Plum…and…pics…

April 17, 2007

First, I am madly knitting the Prosperous Plum tank.  It is knitted in cotton-ease in violet.  I am knitting a small as it will be the sample that I will be teaching in my classes.  It has a provisional cast on, picot hem, lace and cable knitting, shaping…basically lots of things I can teach on.  I rarely actually get to teach the projects that I plan out, so hopefully this will be one of those times as this is really one of the funnest projects I have done in a long, long time.

Seriously, the chart is really interesting.  It is easy to remember and is really working up fast.  Of course, I am knitting the small (rarely get to do that) but it is still a fun knit.

I casted on for this on Saturday.  As of tonight, this is where I am at.



There is this cool asymmetrical-ness, yet oddly symmetrical that this top has.

I need to be finished with it before Saturday and at my current pace I think that is possible.

I started out using size 5 needles for the picot hem, then switched to size 7.  However, as I got a few inches up, I realized my gauge was off and so I dropped down to a size 6 and am getting the 19 st/4 inch gauge.  It actually worked out good doing it this way since the hip part is a little bit wider than when it decreases into the waist, so the change in gauge isn’t noticeable in a bad way.

Once I get my class knitting out of the way, I hopefully will have more knit/crochet time for myself again for the next few months.  I love my classes, but the prep for them is very time consuming.

I did do a little bit more knitting on my sock (not shown.)  I am almost at the toe decreases.

Here is a picture of my dad’s sweater:

Sorry dad…it is hard to wear this way, I know.  I don’t have the back to block this as I would have to pin it to my floor.  I am sort of waiting for Tony to help me.  I swear I will finish this soon…luckily it is still cold and rainy where you live even in the summer.

Speaking of rain.  This was Saturday:

And lastly, as if there are not enough pictures on this post, a picture Sierra drew.  Her teacher suggested in a report card that Sierra needed to color better within the lines.  Seriously…something is wrong with her teacher.  Isn’t coloring outside of the lines better?

She has Tony’s artistic ability.  I NEVER colored like this in kindergarten.