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Finally finishing things…

September 26, 2006

The first one is Knitty’s Anouk. It is done in Cotton-ease. You have seen the pics before, just finally found the perfect buttons for it, at Walmart of all places. I have realized there are not a lot of places in my area that sales buttons.

There are some imperfections, but overall I am happy with it. As much as I love cotton-ease (and am excited about its come-back,) I have realized it isn’t very forgiving. It splits easily and when you mess with it it doesn’t spring back.
This next finished project is one you didn’t even know I started, because I am shameful and pretty much broke my September challenge rule. Yes, I lied to you all, but not intentionally. I was crocheting this scarf thinking it would make for a fun beginner’s project for my classes. The first row wasn’t too bad, but the second row took me a couple of nights of crocheting…so it isn’t a 2 hour project to say the least. It was fun, though and makes for a very pretty scarf. It is Patons Curly Q Scarf. It took almost 4 balls of Patons SWS with a size K hook. The pattern calls for an L hook, which I don’t have, so I figured K is next best and would use less yarn.

This next project is one that will be in my beginner’s crochet class. It is a credit card/cash wallet. It is made with Patons Classic Merino with a size H hook. It is very easy. I still wonder if this is pushing it for a 2 hour class, but if I can get them past the button hole then I think it won’t be too bad.
Oh, and too my friend Amy, mentioned I am doing well. I am.! I have lost 10 pounds since I started my vegetarian diet. That isn’t a lot, but it is better than nothing. Tony has lost a lot more than me. My back has been killing me, but I noticed it goes in waves and is because I do things like carry Madeleine on my back and wrestle with the kids.

Dropping that class has made my stress go from a 10 to a 2. Seriously, I didn’t even realized I was that frazzled until in retrospect looking back. I think everyone around me knew it though.

Sierra is doing well, too. She has a “boyfriend” at school and kissed him on the cheek. I told her not to, but she told me she wasn’t in school, so it was okay (we were walking to the truck.) Sigh… He was nice and told me, “it is okay, I like it.” In school she is doing better. Her homework is coming back just fine. She isn’t crying after school and I think overall the teacher and her are communicating better. Either that or she is preoccupied with her “boyfriend” and so isn’t getting upset over the other stuff, I don’t know.

Madeleine has been “rough and tumble” lately. She is skinned up on her knees, on her chin, and has a bruise on her head. She is a little daredevil and is also sometimes clumsy. She is very much a comedian, always looking for a laugh.

She is talking more, full sentences. Though really only Sierra and I understand her. Tony doesn’t. She leaves the ends of words off, still and I am trying to work with her on it. Sometimes she says something to me and I don’t know what she is saying and it is frusterating to both of us. Also, I guess and she acts like I guessed right, but I wonder if she is just faking that and just being happy that I am giving her something.


Felted Ball

September 25, 2006

Here is the ball after felting. It is true that polyfill won’t felt. Michael’s doesn’t sell wool filling, that I know of so I am just going with what they have.

This isn’t a beginner’s crochet class.  It was suggested to me that I start off with beginner’s classes for the month of October.  Then in November to add a more advanced class so that people who took the beginning class would want to take another class of mine and learn more skills.  Maybe it will end up that people will only want to take beginning classes or maybe they will want to take more intermediate ones, I don’t know.  Teaching is so new to me and I am just treating it like a journey.

I would appreciate any advice out there about teaching knitting and crochet and if you have any short/small easy projects you can share with me, that would be great too!

Here is my Anouk, without buttons. I still didn’t buy any today.


Anouk and New Techniques

September 15, 2006

I finally was able to set some time aside to learn some new techniques. A few weeks ago I tried a provisional cast on like was demonstrated at It just didn’t seem right and wasn’t very easy to do. My intarsia at that time failed miserably so I frogged the whole thing and vowed that I would try again.

My husband and I finally bought the DIY channel. He is getting into woodworking and we both decided there is just too many programs we want to watch on that channel to not have it. So, I have been watching episodes of the Knitty Gritty every day and am learning a lot!

I learned provisional cast on by crocheting a chain and then picking up stitches in the spiney nubs of the chain.

I did some reading on intarsia, went to and studied the videos on intarsia, and watched the Knitty Gritty episode on intarsia. However, it was this website that really helped me get it. She has videos and something about her videos really helped and I was able to knit up two pockets in intarsia (with a small bit of stranding.) There were a few areas where there were 4 stitches and I stranded the yarn in the back just because I was too lazy to add in another color. So, it is a mix, but you know what? I don’t care. I like it, there aren’t any holes, so I am happy.

I was suppose to make 2 pockets that were mirror images to each other, but…oops, didn’t read that part until the 2nd pocket was made.

If I get time to knit on Anouk tomorrow I will be finished with it.

edited to fix the links.


Anouk – In Progress

August 16, 2006

I haven’t been posting many in progress posts/pics, lately and really just need to be more in the habit of doing that.

Here is my Anouk in Progress. I am using cotton-ease and yes, it is kind of hunter orangish, but I think when I get the pockets with the other colors on it will tone it down a bit. Anyways, Halloween is right around the corner and this is a little pumpkinish.


Measure Once Knit twice

August 10, 2006

You have heard of the old saying, “Measure Twice, Cut Once,” yes? Tony is starting to do some wood working and I remind him of this. I learned that valuable lesson in quilting and sewing.

In knitting, it appears I measure and measure and measure, but have never knitted enough.
The funny thing and this is the real kicker…the pattern will say knit to 11 inches from beg. and I know that after that I will work on the neck decrease. So why do I measure when it is 8 inches and obviously too short to be at the neck? So I can say to myself, yep 3 inches left…keep knitting!

Don’t worry, it is a baby item I am talking about, knitty’s anouk. The Baby It’s Cold Outside pattern didn’t agree with me so I changed directions and am going to knit up this cute pinafore. I figured it would be a good way to use the Orangeade cotton-ease in my stash. It looks real pumpkin-y right now. I have to make 2 of these for baby gifts for a shower that has passed. She hasn’t had the babies yet, twins, so it is okay. I was sick when she had her shower so it kind of bought me time to work on these.

On a side note, I think I have delayed sleep phase syndrome. This has been a problem in my life for almost most of my life. It was especially bad in my 20’s and was probably due to my lifestyle. It is okay for me to be on this schedule when I am just a sahm, especially since my husband works swing shift and he is on this schedule, too. However, I am going to have an early morning class again, 7:40am and so I need to start changing my schedule now. I have a lot of anxiety about sleeping, not waking to my alarm, missing class, etc. I know I can do this I just need to not sabotage myself.

I have raised $130 for the heart walk so far and am happy about that. I need to get my legs moving to train for running it. That is my goal, but even if I only walk it I will still be proud of myself.

For the record Gimme Lean Ground Beef Style is really good. If you are looking for a ground beef substitute, try this. I made tacos with this last night and it was awesome. I fried it in a very small amount of grape seed oil. I tried to do it without the oil, but it is really sticky stuff so wasn’t frying real well. A small bit of oil helped and I could grind it up in the pain, just like ground beef. I added 1/2 a packet of low sodium taco seasoning. It looked like taco meat, which is good when you are trying to fool your mind. The bonus was when I started to eat it and really, really like it and so did Tony. I have fallen off the wagon a few times in the past few weeks with cooking, but the key is that I keep going back to what my body wants to eat and that is a lot of fruits, veggies and healthier foods. When Tony and I eat other things we both feel sluggish and not so good. We are learning.



July 15, 2006

Pattern:  Knitty Pomatomus 
Yarn:  Knitpicks dyed by me (food coloring and KA)


Childhood – finished

June 7, 2006

I finished Knitty Childhood. It is a baby present and matches the little outfit I bought for a steal at Tuesday Mornings. I went all out with this. It was an easy knit, but the seaming was a bear. There is a band that it says to slip stitch on and so I did slip stitch like you would a crochet hook with my knitting needle and put it on. It went on very easy and did not become a problem for me like some other people. However, the sleeve caps suck. Part of the reason is because my sleeve cap had 44 stitches while the body had about 16 more. So, I am putting a smaller sleeve into a larger hole without having any obvious holes. Why oh why? I don’t know. I guess that is what happens when you are going by inches and not rows.

It is knitted with Cotton-ease in popsicle and pistachio. I used size 8 needles and got perfect gauge.

Overall I am happy with it. What? No buttons? I found these little yellow chicken buttons that I thought matched the outfit, but they are little and I worry about a baby having it in his mouth. Plus, the pattern calls for snaps and I think I fear buying snaps and sewing it on. Is it wrong to give a baby cardigan without buttons?

Who really buttons up baby cardigans in California?

Should I go get the snaps and put them on and then sew the buttons on too? (you know the buttons in this pattern are decorative.)


Sorry I have been missing for awhile.

Can you believe I didn’t finish any of my UFO’s while on my vacation? I swore to you all I was going to and then I dropped the ball (of yarn.) I visited a nice yarn shop in Parkland. Of course, this was a “poor” vacation so I didn’t come how with soft wonderful lovely yarn.

The inlaws were very nice to see and are doing okay. The weather up there severely effected Tony. It rained the whole time. When we got home and it was sunny he was so happy and decided there is really no place like home. Funny thing is he grew up in rainy Washington, but finally told me he cannot go back there to live. He likes his sunshine and was bummed the whole time we were there because the kids couldn’t go play in a park. I also think he was sick of driving in the rain.

We also got to see both of Tony’s sisters. They are both doing well and I loved seeing them and watching them interact with the girls. Overall it was a very good trip and was especially important after the past few weeks that I had here.

Ps…yes, childhood is a new project, but hey atleast it is a finished one…or finished enough…in my book…yes, I realize there are no buttons…good thing babies don’t know how to button. 😉