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10 pounds…

April 9, 2007

of Noodles:

I dyed them with food coloring:

How to Dye Noodles:

Well, I took one of those medicine cups and added rubbing alcohol to the top of it (about 3 tbsp) then I poured in the food coloring to the amount that I chose…(lots of food coloring) and dumped them into a freezer bag, closed the top of the bag and then shook. Then, I layed them out onto tinfoil on a cookie sheet in the bathroom with the window open and bathroom fan on. I warn you that rubbing alcohol is highly flammable, so if you do this, don’t do it near open flame, smoking, or sparking appliances. I only did 1 pound at a time until completely dry as I didn’t want that much alcohol fumes in my house and was really careful. I suggest if you do this you be careful too…

This is for a kids craft that my mother’s club has planned for the local fitness festival here in town.


It is nice out today. Tony and I fixed our sprinklers (of course, that entailed me getting sprayed up the nose with a high volume of water,) so I don’t have to worry about watering my garden or flowers. 🙂

I think I saw a corn plant starting to grow… Otherwise not much else has come up by seed, but we will see what happens in the next few days.


Well Traveled Bag – Finished

June 26, 2006

I am so happy with this. There are so many firsts with this bag. First time using Gentian violet as a yarn dye. First time lining a bag. First time putting grommets on anything. First time putting on a magnetic clasp.

I was going to take pictures as I went along my merry way with this bag, but really it was trial and error.

Error #1 was the first lining I sewed up was too small. I don't know how my measurements were off, but after closer realization, my bag was bigger than I had originally measure.

The second lining I sewed up was…of course…too big. I took in the seams of it by 1/4 inch on each seam and then it was just right. I felt like Goldilocks for a minute.

(Kind of like when I dyed it…first time (after fulling)…bad…second time, too red…third time, just right…)

I put the felted bag inside the inside out lining and then sewed around the top leaving about 3 inches open on the top. Boy, I could have used 5 inches. I had this "a ha" moment as I was wrestling a 1/4 inch thick felted bag through the tiny hole. Seams did rip, but in the end, it was okay. I admit I help my breath for a second.

What I then saw was wonderful purple bliss. I was so happy with the lining of the bag. I then had to go to Walmart to buy some of that plastic canvas stuff so I could fit the magnetic claps on to it, like this. I sewed the plastic canvas with some wool onto the inside of the felted bag, without popping out to the other side. It worked great and really is only enough for support.

Then, I top stitched around the top of the bag, closing the open seam. I used a long large knitting needle and some scissors to make holes along the side of the bag and then used grommets, the grommet tool, and a hammer to put in the grommets. This really was easier than it sounded. Of course, Tony had to do the hammer thing. You all know I can swing a hammer (I use to do some roofing jobs in college.) Just realize he felt he needed to be a part of that.

After the grommets, I cut the leather and braided it. Then, the little bag…I sewed ribbon to the top of the bag, making a casing and threaded another ribbon under it and added some beads to it, making it a little drawstring pouch.

This bag, though I really wish I could keep it, will be auctioned off on Friday at my mother's club to benefit the local children's crisis center. It will be done like a chinese auction, where people tickets and then they put their ticket with the item they want to win. Then there is a drawing for each item. So, the bag will not go for a specific dollar amount, but will still benefit the charity and I think that someone will really enjoy the bag. (Is it wrong for me to put my ticket to get drawn for the bag?)