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We got Zucchini!!

May 26, 2007

From the garden…. Sierra and Tony picked two more zucchini today. One was huge! The funny thing is these weren’t really there the other day. Zucchini grow fast! This might get old showing pics, but I can’t help it. We are happy about our garden!

Ignore my cluttered shelves, I do…

On knitting news…I started the back of Boobalicious but then realized I made a mistake. I was suppose to work seed stitch on the first 10 rows. I wasn’t doing that, only in the middle section. So I need to restart….sigh. It isn’t much lost as I was only about 8 rows up. I just hate casting on 170 stitches. Maybe I can rip without having to recast?

I do have a sock I can work on and need to get focused on my Sockapalooza socks. I need to decide on the yarn and then start on it. I have been sort of indecisive as my partner didn’t really tell me a favorite color or what she wants. So I will just make what I like and hope she likes it too. She did say she didn’t want bright pink. So, the Cascade cotton fixation is out.

I need to reorganize my works in progress, my stash, and my desk. It is becoming an unorganized mess. I know I have a lot in progress and not worried about them because this is my style and it makes me happy. The ones I like the most will get finished first.

Crochet…I am thinking of working on some more grannies over the holiday weekend too.

Madeleine…is potty training (learning) herself. I am so proud of her. I struggled for almost a year to potty train Sierra and in the end she did it herself at 3 1/2. With Madeleine I didn’t push and it is much easier for both of us. Madeleine is very independent.

She is brushing her hair with two brushes, ha ha. Don’t try to take those away from her.

It is summer here (90’s today) and the kids played in the pool today. They came in the house with teeth chattering.


Madeleine’s New Do

April 10, 2007



Thanks to my hairdresser, it is cute. It just isn’t as long or curly as it use to be. Madeleine had fun getting her hair cut this morning at the salon. I never did take a picture of Sierra’s version.

The funny thing is with the really short bangs, she reminds me of a picture of my mom when she was that age.

Oh…I came across this picture looking for the picture of my mom…

This is a picture of my sister…I always thought Madeleine looked like her.


My Maddie…

February 15, 2007

She got the bug, too…poor thing.  And, ironically I will be having to reshampoo-ing the carpets…

I thought it was food poisoning that I got since it came on so violently, but now I think it is just a really bad virus.

I had more energy yesterday than today.  I am tired and have a bad headache.  I was suppose to get my hair done today, but didn’t go.

Tony bought me roses.  They are pretty.  I haven’t done any knitting or anything.


For My MOM:

February 8, 2007

Apparantly, yarn and socks are not very exciting to my mom.  She has been visiting my blog looking for the kids…

Here they are…

Madeleine is very enthusiastic, but kept blinking when the flash would hit her, so this is the best pic:

Don’t ask my why Sierra has these things on her head or why she looks so grumpy.  Just one of those days, I guess:


Not a baby…

January 7, 2007

Madeleine has verbally made it clear to me that she is no longer a baby.  She has been telling me this for the past few months, our conversation will go like this:

Me:  Come here, baby and let me snuggle you.

Maddie:  I am not a baby.

Me:  What are you?

Maddie:  I am a kid.

She knows she isn’t quite a big girl and instead of me accepting her being a toddler or a preschooler, I keep holding on that she is still my baby.  After all, she has that baby/angelic face with those curls.

Today, however, I went to teach my class and when I came home I noticed that Madeleine seemed taller to me.  It is weird that leaving the house and kids gives me this new, fresh viewpoint.  After examining her I noticed that her baby belly is gone, her legs are longer, and really she is a little girl and isn’t really my “baby” anymore.

A tear came to my eyes when I thought…hmmmm…I need a baby.

Well, since then, I have come to my senses, ha ha and no I will not be having a baby any time soon, knock on wood.

I almost finished the Baroque jacket from the Happy Hooker.  I am just working on the border, so should have it done later tonight, though I probably won’t take a picture until tomorrow.



September 9, 2006

Madeleine, it isn’t Halloween yet!  There goes all the toothpaste.  Atleast you know who got the creative genes.

Paton’s One Skein Patons Classic Wool Merino – Leaf Green I made this scarf for the Michael’s class I will be teaching in October. It will be for the display. I did want it to be like the on in the pattern, same color and all.


Swing Tank

June 19, 2006

Summer Swing Top

Pattern: Summer Swing Top

Needles: size 5

Yarn: Cotton-ease in color Banana Cream

Pattern notes: This pattern worked up very easy and quick. I was a little thrown off by the circumference of the bottom of the top, but it looks cute on Madeleine so I think it is fine. I was 1 1/2 off in the length, but it is for a toddler who is smaller than Madeleine, so I think it will be okay. If I were to make this for Madeleine, I would do one more pattern repeat in the skirt part. It would change the yoke a bit, but since it is ribbing I think it would be fine.

I am happy to have finished something, of course it isn’t one of my work’s in progress…because apparantly I have some type of attention problem.

And…because I have a category for bugs, I found a moth today in a bag of wool roving. Can you believe that? It was in a sealed zip lock bag. I checked the seal and it was fine. Ick! I looked through all the bags of wool I have and that was the only one.

If I told you the past three days have been hot here is an understatement. The problem is that last week it was so cool, 75 degrees one day. Then, Friday it was 100 degrees and felt about the same Saturday and today. I love the sun, but I hate 100 degree weather. My ideal is low 80’s. We almost went to see my parent’s this weekend, but we really needed some time at home. Maybe tomorrow I will show you a picture of my flower garden.

I had planted flowers about a month ago and they all died (except the lavender, it is still doing really well.) Yesterday we went to home depot and bought some more flowers. I also bought some mulch and hopefully my flowers will have a better chance now of living.