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We got Zucchini!!

May 26, 2007

From the garden…. Sierra and Tony picked two more zucchini today. One was huge! The funny thing is these weren’t really there the other day. Zucchini grow fast! This might get old showing pics, but I can’t help it. We are happy about our garden!

Ignore my cluttered shelves, I do…

On knitting news…I started the back of Boobalicious but then realized I made a mistake. I was suppose to work seed stitch on the first 10 rows. I wasn’t doing that, only in the middle section. So I need to restart….sigh. It isn’t much lost as I was only about 8 rows up. I just hate casting on 170 stitches. Maybe I can rip without having to recast?

I do have a sock I can work on and need to get focused on my Sockapalooza socks. I need to decide on the yarn and then start on it. I have been sort of indecisive as my partner didn’t really tell me a favorite color or what she wants. So I will just make what I like and hope she likes it too. She did say she didn’t want bright pink. So, the Cascade cotton fixation is out.

I need to reorganize my works in progress, my stash, and my desk. It is becoming an unorganized mess. I know I have a lot in progress and not worried about them because this is my style and it makes me happy. The ones I like the most will get finished first.

Crochet…I am thinking of working on some more grannies over the holiday weekend too.

Madeleine…is potty training (learning) herself. I am so proud of her. I struggled for almost a year to potty train Sierra and in the end she did it herself at 3 1/2. With Madeleine I didn’t push and it is much easier for both of us. Madeleine is very independent.

She is brushing her hair with two brushes, ha ha. Don’t try to take those away from her.

It is summer here (90’s today) and the kids played in the pool today. They came in the house with teeth chattering.


It’s good to be 6!

May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sierra!


Sierra’s Favorites

May 8, 2007

Sierra has been having a great time checking out books at her school library.  While she can’t quite read the ones she checks out, she loves the stories and memorizes them quite quickly.  I am realizing there is a trend with some of the books she loves.  She really loves Dr. Seuss.  She has a collection in her room.   She can read a lot of those books.

She also has been loving the Robert Munsch stories.  Purple, Green, and Yellow was one of the first books we read together.   The story really reminded me of Sierra.  She loves to draw and always promises to keep it on the paper, but you know how that goes.  Recently, we read Something Good.  It is really funny.  I got Tony to read it also and it was fun to see how we read books differently.  Sierra thought the father in the book was just like her dad.

I am going to look into starting a mini library of these books from Munsch.  I love the types of books that get the whole family reading, laughing, and spending time together.  I highly suggest these books for those who have pre-K to 1st grade kids in the house.


Prosperous Plum…and…pics…

April 17, 2007

First, I am madly knitting the Prosperous Plum tank.  It is knitted in cotton-ease in violet.  I am knitting a small as it will be the sample that I will be teaching in my classes.  It has a provisional cast on, picot hem, lace and cable knitting, shaping…basically lots of things I can teach on.  I rarely actually get to teach the projects that I plan out, so hopefully this will be one of those times as this is really one of the funnest projects I have done in a long, long time.

Seriously, the chart is really interesting.  It is easy to remember and is really working up fast.  Of course, I am knitting the small (rarely get to do that) but it is still a fun knit.

I casted on for this on Saturday.  As of tonight, this is where I am at.



There is this cool asymmetrical-ness, yet oddly symmetrical that this top has.

I need to be finished with it before Saturday and at my current pace I think that is possible.

I started out using size 5 needles for the picot hem, then switched to size 7.  However, as I got a few inches up, I realized my gauge was off and so I dropped down to a size 6 and am getting the 19 st/4 inch gauge.  It actually worked out good doing it this way since the hip part is a little bit wider than when it decreases into the waist, so the change in gauge isn’t noticeable in a bad way.

Once I get my class knitting out of the way, I hopefully will have more knit/crochet time for myself again for the next few months.  I love my classes, but the prep for them is very time consuming.

I did do a little bit more knitting on my sock (not shown.)  I am almost at the toe decreases.

Here is a picture of my dad’s sweater:

Sorry dad…it is hard to wear this way, I know.  I don’t have the back to block this as I would have to pin it to my floor.  I am sort of waiting for Tony to help me.  I swear I will finish this soon…luckily it is still cold and rainy where you live even in the summer.

Speaking of rain.  This was Saturday:

And lastly, as if there are not enough pictures on this post, a picture Sierra drew.  Her teacher suggested in a report card that Sierra needed to color better within the lines.  Seriously…something is wrong with her teacher.  Isn’t coloring outside of the lines better?

She has Tony’s artistic ability.  I NEVER colored like this in kindergarten.


The sickness…

February 13, 2007

I managed to make it to Target yesterday.  It drained me.  Last night my stomach killed me all night.  It still hurts me and now I feel I am getting a bladder infection (maybe from getting dehydrated?)  Sierra started throwing up last night.  Poor thing.  She is doing better.  It is amazing how when kids are sick it doesn’t seem as severe as when adults are.  I hope we are both on the mend soon.  She is so excited about valentine’s day (tomorrow,) but I don’t think she will be able to go to school for her party.  They are off of school on Thursday, Friday, and Monday.


For My MOM:

February 8, 2007

Apparantly, yarn and socks are not very exciting to my mom.  She has been visiting my blog looking for the kids…

Here they are…

Madeleine is very enthusiastic, but kept blinking when the flash would hit her, so this is the best pic:

Don’t ask my why Sierra has these things on her head or why she looks so grumpy.  Just one of those days, I guess:


Letter to Santa

November 30, 2006

Yesterday, Sierra got the idea to write a letter to Santa. Every time she asks for something I tell her to put it on her list for Santa. She didn’t tell me she was going to write it though and in Sierra-fashion, she grabbed any piece of paper on my desk, which happened to be a snowflake pattern, a pencil, and an envelope (the car insurance envelope.) She wrote the letter and then glued it. She then put it in the envelope and glued it. Then she glued plastic jewels on it. On the envelope, she wrote her version of Santa Clause, our house number, and her phone number and name.

I told her that we couldn’t mail the letter like that and asked her if I could open it. So she let me and I was pretty surprised what I saw. I had her read it to me. I told her we will rewrite it as even she was having a hard time reading what she wrote. Then we will mail it to Santa. I do have to admit that she probably won’t get what she has asked for in this letter.

(It is clickable)

Interpretation: “Hi Santa Clause.  I want a Disney Princess Television.  Santa Clause, Have a merry Christmas.”

Do you see it?  I do.  Not bad.  She is in Kindergarten and is still learning to read and write.  I am very proud!  Tony and I got a little laugh out of it, but unless the Disney tv comes on  woot sometime soon, I don’t think that is doable.

I am feeling better.  I picked Sierra up from school today.  I am still pretty achy and still on meds, but am feeling more myself.

The urologists wants those stones, so I guess no keepsake earrings will be made from them.  Yes, that is bad humor.  I am looking in to seeing a new urologists for my followup treatment.  I am going to be calling around and asking questions first.  I think that there should be some law that mandates doctors use some type of anesthesia when removing stents.  I shake when talking about it.  Seriously, it is something that falls along the lines of torture.

I have had catheters and I have had a blocked catheter, which is not a good thing and is up there in being bad, bad, bad…but that was an “accident” and this is a medical office procedure.  It isn’t like I live in the backwoods were medicine isn’t available.  I have good health insurance that covers for me to be comfortable while being medically tortured, so I just don’t get why it was necessary that I had to go through that.  I swear I have a small bit of post traumatic stress over stent removal.

The pain for that is up there with dislocating your kneecap or having a discography.  Which the first one is something you don’t ever want to happen and the second one is done under anesthesia.

Okay, I have ruined the Letter to Santa post…now I must eat dinner and go lay down.  I will try not to come over to your blog and whine about myself.  I will get past this mentally, I swear!