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Last week

August 11, 2007

of Summer…

Next week is the last week of summer for Sierra.  She start school on the 20th.  I am excited and nervous for her.  She will be in first grade at a new school.  The classes are longer, running from 8 to 3pm.   My school starts the week after and somewhere in there we will have to get Madeleine’s schedule set up for her speech therapy.

I am buying the school supplies, pencils, erasers, etc.  I bought her a lunch box and have found out that they make lunch boxes differently then they use to.  When I was a kid you could find a plastic or tin lunch box with a thermos.   Thermos came in lunch boxes standard.

It seems that now you have to purchase them separately if you can find them.   At target, you can find something like a thermos (or sippy cup) and it runs about $15-$17, No Kidding!

Some lunch bags come with these plastic water bottles.  Which, look like they will leak.

I don’t understand.  Whatever happened to the thermos’ with the lids the ones that you could pour your milk in?  What happened to the ability to bring soup or hot chocolate to school?

I would hate to think I need to back to school shop at an antique store, LOL.

This weekend I will go through her dresser and find out what clothes she can still wear.  Both her and Madeleine have grown the past couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I will have some finished socks.  One is the first sock of a new pair and the other is the second sock of an old pair.  🙂


Garden Stories

June 1, 2007

Since I have nothing fiber related to talk about, I will tell two stories about my garden. You get pictures, too!

This morning, I asked Tony if he had gone out to the garden to see if we had more zucchini. Last week a lot of my zucchini ripened at the same time I had picked them, cooked them for dinner, and baked them into zucchini bread. Zucchini = Fun!

Growing zucchini has been such an instant gratification for me and the kids. It grows really fast, is fun to pick and you can cook it with practically anything.

Okay, back to my story…

Tony told me there was only a little zucchini in the garden and it wasn’t read to be picked yet. I went out there to look at it and he showed it to me. It did need another day. However, when I looked a bit futher, towards the ground way under everything, I found the GIANT!

Only a picture can describe the size of this zucchini and I laugh at the fact that my husband didn’t see it.

To my husband’s credit, you can see how big the zucchini plants are and how it would be difficult to find zucchini way in the back.

(from right to left…Lavender (notice it is starting to bloom), tomatoes, zucchini.

Don’t ask me why we bothered with the tomato cages. The tomato plants are huge and they have outgrown any type of cage. If they get too heavy I will use yarn and tie the branches up to the cage or the fence.

I love how beautiful my garden has gotten. I think I planned it out pretty well. I did have to move the bell peppers a few weeks ago. They are doing well.

On the other side of the zucchini are the carrots, which get just enough light but are hidden by the big leaves of the zucchini plant. I think this creates just enough shade so the carrots don’t dry out. Then there is the bell peppers, corn, and sunflowers (the gopher didn’t get all of them and those remaining are really turning into giants!)

I understand why they call it a bell pepper:

So this leaves me with my other story…

The other night as I was watering my garden (yes, I water my garden at night, every other day) I started to think that there might possibly be spiders crawling around at night. That evening when the sun was going down I had my camera out taking pictures of my stash (its a ravelry thing) and saw a blue jay outside.

I thought it was a great opportunity to add the blue jay to the other photos of the Central Valley wildlife album I have on Flickr. I didn’t have my large lens on, so while I got a nice shot, it was farther away then I wanted to be. When I got closer the bird flew away.

I decided it would be a good time to get some photos of my garden. As I went to get a picture of my tomato, that is just starting to turn red, I noticed all of the webs. Spiders!

I think they are garden spiders.

So I took lots of cool pictures of the spiders. (I will make these links so you don’t get freaked out.)

I had to go in the house and get my larger lens and it took awhile to be able to focus on something so tiny, but I did. I started to get a headache from closing my left eye, which I know not to do, but I do it anyways.

I even got an action shot of one killing its prey.
Garden Spider killing Prey

I then walked over to the swingset and there were so many spiders I started to get dizzy and felt like spiders were crawling all over me. If you want to see the pictures, the set is here.
Garden Spider
Garden Spider

If you want to see more, go to my flickr album.

This is weird…I went over to a friends house the other day and for the small time that I was there she killed a male blackwidow walking on her sidewalk.

Oh…and…when I picked the giant zucchini today it came with a baby black widow. The funny thing is that Tony and I aren’t even alarmed by it. We just squished it with a paper towel on the kitchen counter. Can you believe I had carried the zucchini with the spider on it and didn’t even realize it? Sigh…

Parenting Stuff:
I came up with a catchy way of teaching Sierra the difference between the letter b and d.

“b is bad”

You see, the letter “a” and the letter “d” face the same direction, but since “b” is bad it is flipped.

I hope this helps her remember. Usually she does good, but sometimes she gets confused.

My sister inlaw recently gifted me with two magazines.  The first one is called WonderTime it is a parenting magazine and is pretty interesting.  I rarely read parenting magazines, but this one was full of fun/cool activities for little kids.  She told me she bought the magazines as part of these frequent flier miles she had.  She also bought me a crochet magazine.  I haven’t got it yet, so will be curious to see what she picked out.

And, because sometimes I end up with weird science projects growing in my cupboards/refrigerator…

Trust me…you will NOT see this in any parent magazines:

It is a sweet potato growing frog ears.  There is always something fun (and bizarre) happening at my house, ha ha…


Sierra’s Favorites

May 8, 2007

Sierra has been having a great time checking out books at her school library.  While she can’t quite read the ones she checks out, she loves the stories and memorizes them quite quickly.  I am realizing there is a trend with some of the books she loves.  She really loves Dr. Seuss.  She has a collection in her room.   She can read a lot of those books.

She also has been loving the Robert Munsch stories.  Purple, Green, and Yellow was one of the first books we read together.   The story really reminded me of Sierra.  She loves to draw and always promises to keep it on the paper, but you know how that goes.  Recently, we read Something Good.  It is really funny.  I got Tony to read it also and it was fun to see how we read books differently.  Sierra thought the father in the book was just like her dad.

I am going to look into starting a mini library of these books from Munsch.  I love the types of books that get the whole family reading, laughing, and spending time together.  I highly suggest these books for those who have pre-K to 1st grade kids in the house.


Another cut…

April 26, 2007

Apparently, cutting her sister’s hair out of jealousy only led to more jealousy.  The baby sister with all of the curls was now the baby sister with the cute short hair cut and the story of “where did all the curls go?”

To create her own story, Sierra cut her own hair, which Tony took her to Supercuts yesterday before school to get evened up.  It was picture day yesterday, too.

We talked a lot about how hair dressers go to school to cut hair, so hopefully this will be the last of the hair cutting for awhile.   She likes it, and the best part is that she says she looks like her cousin and that makes her happy.

Some people have said to me that I need to put the scissors up in the house.  They are put up.  I don’t have them locked in a safe, but they are put away.  This is a lesson that if an almost 6 year old wants something, she will get it.

I have seen her cut her hair with toenail clippers.

I know that my method of parenting is different then other people’s.  I want Sierra to learn that she has to live with her actions.  I want her to learn that some actions you can’t take back.  I want her to be self reliant and responsible.

One of the reasons why I haven’t had many playgroups at my house lately is my feeling that my house is no longer baby safe.  How did that happen?

For example, if you have one child and it is a baby, you can lock the doors and know that the baby isn’t going to crawl outside.  However, if you have a 6 year old who can unlock the doors and even use the child safety door knob (which we don’t have) the outside is now suddenly accessible.

Another example…and this happened two days ago…

Someone gives your older daughter a beaded bracelet at a birthday party.  The beads are big, but still a hazard to a baby.  Madeleine is almost 3, so you think that you are “safe”  and you don’t think twice about Sierra having the bracelet.  The bracelet breaks.  Beads end up on the floor and Sierra cleans up all the beads, except for that one, that nobody sees… except for Madeleine.  Madeleine picks it up and knows not to eat it.

However, she decides that it looks like an earring and shoves the bead into her ear.  My cousin extracted the bead, so we didn’t have to take Madeleine to the ER.  I will easily admit that I was about 2 seconds away from driving there.  It just goes to show you how easily an older child can un-baby proof your house and why sometimes I am feeling more and more uneasy about having other people’s kids over.

I started to write about parenting and how it changes from when you are parenting a baby or toddler to parenting an actual child.  I know that sounds silly, but as Sierra is transitioning into a kid so is my parenting.  I am learning that some of my methods aren’t working like they use to.  I am learning that training a dog is way easier than training a child, ha ha.  I am learning that kids can start developing these traits that if you don’t stop the behavior while they are this age that it could continue when they are older and get them into trouble.  Also, it isn’t easy to change a kid’s behavior.

What translates on book and online is so different when it is your own child.

I am getting the idea that if Sierra is busy in positive activities all of the time, then she won’t have time to be sneaky and do things she shouldn’t be doing.  I look forward to when she goes to school full time in the fall.