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May 2, 2007

I found a few more random small balls of Patons SWS in Natural Plum. I had to graph a few of them together to be able to get a couple of grannies. Grafting SWS is so easy. Get the ends wet and then rub them together in your hand.

Tonight I am in a cleaning mode, though I am not sure how much I will get done. Yesterday I tripped over Sierra’s back pack and felt my back give. I think this is a scenario where the dynesys has saved me. While my back hurts, it isn’t completely out. I know to take it easy though, so that is what I must do.

It is suppose to rain the next few days. My garden will be happy. I am not going to water it tonight.

I need to give a “shout out” to Madelyn. She noticed that I still haven’t finished my Brea bag. I haven’t been able to find a handle I liked. I bought a couple of belts, but they just didn’t look right. Well, she had the perfect handle and sent it to me. Thanks Madelyn for the handle, you are very generous!

Tonight I am going to line the bag and put the handle on it.

edited to add:  I didn’t quite get to the bag and when organizing my yarn stash, I found some misc balls of wool.  Well…. Let’s just say I have a bit of an addiction here.  How did this happen?


Granny SWS

May 1, 2007

First, I need to say…I love Patons SWS!  I just love it!  I love the stripes, I love how soft it is!  It is a happy yarn.

This Sunday I attempted to organize a knitting/crochet group for this area.  I advertised at Knitter’sReview,, Crochetville, I left my email/blog address at and then on several of the Yahoo lists I am on.  I also did a google search for knit blogs in my area and spammed a few people.  After my efforts, I was able to meetup with one person, Annie Elf.  She is a new crocheter.

I had a fun time with her.  She is doing some really nice granny squares.  I think the yarn she was using was Lang Mille Colori.  The yarn is gorgeous and I love how the grannies were looking.  I mentioned to her the yarn looked similar to Patons SWS.

Tonight, I remembered I had some small leftover balls of the SWS in various colors.

So, here are a few grannies in the Natural Pink colorway.

These Grannies were fun!

This weekend, I finally finished one sock.  I quickly casted on the second sock.  It is my way of making sure a mate gets made.

On Friday I had to do a class demo.  I worked on an Entrelac scarf in Patons SWS Natural Earth.

People were interested in learning this technique, so I am going to add that to my class schedule for this summer.   Every time I knit or crochet or display something in Patons SWS it draws attention.  Did I mention I loved Patons SWS?