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Kids Crocheted top pattern

May 4, 2007

Fourth of July Top for kids

The yarn for this is discontinued.  So, I am offering it as a free pattern.  Happy Crocheting!  Enjoy!


Dishcloth Pattern

May 3, 2007

I posted my Brick Wall Dishcloth Pattern.   I was going to submit it somewhere to be published, but then thought what the heck, online is good, too!  I will admit, this isn’t an easy pattern, but it is fun and interesting and really gives your dishcloth some scrubby power with those front posts.

If you have any questions about the pattern, let me know.

So, my birthday present to all of you is a free pattern.  🙂  Enjoy!


Crocheted Cable Hat Pattern

January 23, 2007

My friend Deneen keeps coming up with new hat patterns. It encouraged me to try my hand at a hat pattern. I did this from the eyebrows up, ha ha. instead of working from the crown down. This was inspired by the Brea Bag using the Dcfp stitch. When it came time to do the decreasing, I sort of made it up and winged it as uniformly as I could.

That hat fits me perfect.

However, the hat looks pretty good on both of my kids, too. It is more of a roll brimmed type hat on them.

Pattern: Crocheted Cable Hat Pattern

Hook: J

Yarn: Cascade 220