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Need a Vacation…

March 29, 2007

from my vacation….

Yesterday Tony, the girls, and I got back from our mini vacation.  It was fun, but Tony and I both decided we really need a vacation away from the kids.  My parents watched the girls for a few hours two nights.  One night we drove around the coast and ate candy.  The funniest thing was when we drove down by the Headlands and it rained so hard on us we thought the ocean was blowing in.  It was like driving through a car wash.  We were so crazy (or sugar high.)  It was fun.

The second night we went to the movies and saw 300.  It is an excellent flick.  I am normally not a fighting movie type gal, but this was really good and who can complain about the period costumes?

My dad hooked me up with a local woman who has a llama farm.  She gave me 4 bag full of fiber for free.  The fiber is the first sheering off of their baby llamas, so it is really, really soft.  It is dirty, though so I am contemplating if I should wash it or just try to pick out the matter and spin it and then wash it.  I only have 2 small hand carders, so I don’t really know if I wash it if I can card it out real well.  I put an ad on craigslist for a drum carder, but I doubt that will pan out.  This really was a highlight of our trip.  I was told I can get more in July from them, as that is when they do their annual shearing.

Most of the time the weather was rainy or windy.  Sometimes we saw sun.  The nicest day was yesterday, the day we left….of course.  Every time I leave I get really depressed.  In fact, this trip, I started to get depressed about 3 days before we left.  I really want to live there, not just for the beauty of the place or the outdoor things to do, but for so many reasons.  The reality is that it is so darn expensive to live there and nothing for Tony to do.

I guess I just need to finish school and then we will decide what is best for our family.  Summer school….here I come!  (Yes, I did promise I would never do summer school…but I am…)

Here are some photos from our trip:

Fondue night:

Sleeping Beauties:

We wanted to go on a hike on the Headlands, but it was so cold that this is as far as we got…one picture, and then turned around and got back in the car.

You can’t tell from this picture, but the birds were doing some funny flying things.  They would periodically lift up their feet and then just hover in the air…they weren’t really flying anywhere.  It was funny.  They were just playing in the wind.

We drove to a private Redwood park on accident…long story is we were driving to find a bathroom and one really long windy road to a town that doesn’t existed made us end up in Leggett, home of the drive through tree.   So, we do what any tourist would do and pay the $5 so we could drive through the tree.

On the way back to my parent’s house we saw signs for Elk crossing and wouldn’t you know…saw a huge herd of elk.

Road Sweeping:

Car pics:

Colorful buildings in Willits:

We saw lots of animals, including goats, sheep, turkeys, raccoons, frogs,  alpacas, llamas, cows, horses, elk, deer, etc.

Lots of windy roads…thank goodness for children’s Dramamine.   Unfortunately we have to give them drugs or they throw up all over the car.

We had a really nice time…wish we were still there:

On the way home I stopped at Dharma Trading Company.   I told Tony I had no idea they sold yarn there.  I thought it was only dyeing supplies and blanks.  I thought maybe it would be “blank yarn,” you know, to dye.  However, the store has all yarn, from Noro to you name it.  They also have a large selection of knitting magazines and other knitting and weaving supplies.  I bought some silk roving and some acid dyes.

I did drop into my favorite yarn store in Mendo and I bought some Bearfoot sock yarn.   In a fall colorway called Goldrush.

Usually when we come back from a vacation we are broke, happy, and relaxed.   Well…we were all of that, but then this morning the kids went on a sneaky spree and got into all sorts of stuff in the house that made Tony get really stressed out.  Good thing he only works today and tomorrow and then gets the weekend off.

Did I mention we need a vacation from our vacation?  I think the next vacation me and Tony are going to drive up to Mendo, drop the girls off with grandma and grandpa and then drive home and rest for the week….Yeah, I like that idea A LOT!  I do miss sleeping in my own bed.  🙂

On the crafting front, I have finished several things for my kitchen swap partner.  I am so excited about it…I can’t share what I have done, but I will only give one hint that when I got the idea, I thought….”Elementary, My dear Watson.”

I am almost done with my dad’s sweater.  I am decreasing for the sleeve caps right now and then will do the collar and finishing.  I am also almost done with one sock.  I am getting closer to the toe.


Growing a sock

January 10, 2007

Here is some more progress on my garter ribbed sock.  I think I should have done regular 2×2 ribbing for the first inch to pull/gather the sock at the top.  This garter rib sort of spreads the ribs and while that is a nice design, I have a feeling the socks will be a bit slouchy.  Oh well, I have committed to this, so we will see what I get.  I also feel a cast on of 64 stitches is a bit much and in retrospect, think I could have done fine with maybe 10 less stitches.

Tomorrow I start spring semester.   There is no way I am withdrawing from it.  I am taking two classes and am just going to get through it.  The good news is it is only Wednesday from noonish to almost 3 and then Friday is 8ish to almost 4.  So I will have a long day on Friday, hopefully with some breaks, but it is the only day I have to commit to getting up “early” and I can deal with that, really I can.  🙂

I started to take this class, Anatomy last summer from the same instructor, so I know what to expect.  He teaches directly from the book.  His quizes are worded from the book, but he is very easy to understand and explains things well.  He is a chiropractor and has an interesting perspective on the human body.

I am also taking an online political science class.  Tony is also going to school this semester.  He is taking two business classes, both online.  Yes, we are busy, busy, busy…but it is good for both of us.

One final thing is I am back on trying to become healthy again.  It will be a never ending life process for me.  I am still working on eating healthy but now putting more of my focus on getting on the treadmill every day.  I don’t care if I go mediocre or actually work up a hard sweat.  I am really just trying to be consistent and getting on the darn thing.

I have done pretty well, though as this is the second week of me committing myself to it.  🙂  I know it is going to be easy for me to find an excuse not to get on it, but there isn’t going to be anymore excuses.


Dropped Anatomy…again.

September 20, 2006

I dropped the Anatomy class I was taking.  I wrestled with this as I am pretty sure I would have done fine on the first test which was today.  However, the deadline to drop the class is this Monday and so I had to make a decision soon.  I have been under a lot of stress in all areas of my life.  There are other areas where I could have cut the stress out, but really it is this class, again that is giving me the most problems.

I can be a 6am riser if I go to bed early.  However, I realized that in order to go to bed and get a good amount of sleep I can’t study much the night before when the kids are sleeping.  It is that time at 9pm to 2am when I would get the most studying done.  In order to get 8 hours of sleep at night, which my doctor has told me I need to do, I would have to go to bed at 10pm and then I would have no time to study.

I am not able to get much studying done during the day because of the noise and just being attentive and active with the kids.
One day, when the timing is right I will be able to take the Anatomy class and wizz through it and get a good grade and move on.  Realistically this isn’t the semester.  Maybe some people who have young kids or even work and have kids can do it, but I am not able to.

I tried doing homework until 1am and getting to bed and getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep and what was happening was that I was literally falling asleep in the lecture class at 11:30am.  Even with 4 cups of coffee in me I couldn’t prop the eyelids open.  Luckily the first couple of weeks are review for me as I know cell anatomy and basic tissue anatomy.  I just know that this would have caught up with me so I had to make my decision.

I hate being a quitter, but I guess it is better than being a failure.  I will get through all of this.  I know this is the “weed out” class.  I think next semester Tony and I are going to really get a grip on what will be the best class schedule for me.  I think even if that means he has to move around his work schedule to accomodate me then that is what he has to do.

Reality for us is that our “financial freedom” is on my shoulders.  It is dependent on me finishing school and going into a career that pays well.  It will be my income that will help us get into a house and move forward in our lives.  It is scary and stressful always knowing that.



August 29, 2006

School was good. I liked the teacher. She is easy to understand, interactive, and has a sense of humor. I think the semester will be hard, but fun.

I am super tired. I am not use to waking up at 6am. I have been spoiled about being able to stay up and wake up later. It is 8:30 and I am needing to sleep. Dishes are piling up in the sink….blah…

Oh, and I have a toothache. I have been putting the dentist off since I had to go 3 years ago and had a root canal…the time before, a root canal..and well I have a feeling it is time for my every three year root canal…I guess I will call the dentist in the morning.  The sad thing about this is I am an avid brusher and a compulsive flosser.  I have floss in my vehicle, by my computer, on my night stand, and in both bahtrooms.

I did get some knitting done on my sock and I am about 20 minutes away from finishing…sadly all I want to do is go hide in my bed. I will finish it tomorrow. Your sad, huh? Me too…


Going to school

August 28, 2006

I am going to school tomorrow.  It is going to be a long morning for me.  My class starts at 7:40am.  Wish me luck!

I didn’t get very much completed this weekend.  I am almost done with a sock and I am going to bring it to school with me.  You never know when I might find some knitting time to myself.

Tony and I still working on some things.  I am beginning to wonder if things are “cyclic” as they always show up the day before a test or first day of school or something that is important to me.  Sometimes I feel like I am being sabotaged.

Wish I had something creative and artsy to show you.  Sierra is going good at school. I am not seeing things eye to eye with Sierra’s teacher.  Tony has a vacation in a few weeks and I am going to volunteer in class and observe.  Until then, I will keep my thoughts to myself.

Wish I had something finished to show you.  I am testing a scarf and am to the last section of it.  The pattern part of it goes slower for me then the ribbing.  I think it is an excellent pattern.  I showed it to my mom and she thinks my dad will really like it.  Oh, and she thinks it is “blue” also.

I have decided that since I am going to school again and will be busy with that and my mother’s club that I better not start any new projects any time soon.  So for the month of September I am going to finish all WIP’s.  That is my goal.  Anyone up for a challenge?


Mary Janes with hats

August 27, 2006

Tony’s woodworking project is a “box.” It is a box that a piece of equipment at his work will sit on and it is going to have a drawer to keep small tools in. All of those torture-like things are clamps that are holding the pieces together while he is glueing.

I might drop my Anatomy class this weekend. Class starts on Monday and I can’t afford the book or the parking pass. I might just have to take this semester off and go next spring. I was hoping that we would be able to scrape some money up, but now we have to fix the brakes in the truck. I am kind of mad about that because about 6 months ago I mentioned to Tony the brakes felt funny. I swore to him they were going out. He drove my truck and said they were fine. He then took it to the next step and ridiculed me and made me feel like I was being paranoid.

Well, now they don’t just need new pads, but they need the roters turned, also. This needs to be done now. He has done absolutely nothing today to get the parts we need or to set up time and a place to do this. My patience is growing thin on some stuff.

I finished some hats to go with the mary jane booties. The pinks match perfect, but the purples don’t match that much. I was too tired last night to realize there was that much of a difference. They are still cute though.


Measure Once Knit twice

August 10, 2006

You have heard of the old saying, “Measure Twice, Cut Once,” yes? Tony is starting to do some wood working and I remind him of this. I learned that valuable lesson in quilting and sewing.

In knitting, it appears I measure and measure and measure, but have never knitted enough.
The funny thing and this is the real kicker…the pattern will say knit to 11 inches from beg. and I know that after that I will work on the neck decrease. So why do I measure when it is 8 inches and obviously too short to be at the neck? So I can say to myself, yep 3 inches left…keep knitting!

Don’t worry, it is a baby item I am talking about, knitty’s anouk. The Baby It’s Cold Outside pattern didn’t agree with me so I changed directions and am going to knit up this cute pinafore. I figured it would be a good way to use the Orangeade cotton-ease in my stash. It looks real pumpkin-y right now. I have to make 2 of these for baby gifts for a shower that has passed. She hasn’t had the babies yet, twins, so it is okay. I was sick when she had her shower so it kind of bought me time to work on these.

On a side note, I think I have delayed sleep phase syndrome. This has been a problem in my life for almost most of my life. It was especially bad in my 20’s and was probably due to my lifestyle. It is okay for me to be on this schedule when I am just a sahm, especially since my husband works swing shift and he is on this schedule, too. However, I am going to have an early morning class again, 7:40am and so I need to start changing my schedule now. I have a lot of anxiety about sleeping, not waking to my alarm, missing class, etc. I know I can do this I just need to not sabotage myself.

I have raised $130 for the heart walk so far and am happy about that. I need to get my legs moving to train for running it. That is my goal, but even if I only walk it I will still be proud of myself.

For the record Gimme Lean Ground Beef Style is really good. If you are looking for a ground beef substitute, try this. I made tacos with this last night and it was awesome. I fried it in a very small amount of grape seed oil. I tried to do it without the oil, but it is really sticky stuff so wasn’t frying real well. A small bit of oil helped and I could grind it up in the pain, just like ground beef. I added 1/2 a packet of low sodium taco seasoning. It looked like taco meat, which is good when you are trying to fool your mind. The bonus was when I started to eat it and really, really like it and so did Tony. I have fallen off the wagon a few times in the past few weeks with cooking, but the key is that I keep going back to what my body wants to eat and that is a lot of fruits, veggies and healthier foods. When Tony and I eat other things we both feel sluggish and not so good. We are learning.