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Black Widow

March 24, 2007

Tonight when my husband came home from work I asked him to water our plant out front.  I was outside with him and as he was bent down by the pot, I noticed there was a black widow spider about 8 inches from his hand.

Because of his location we weren’t sure how to kill him without him dropping into the hole of the cinder block.   Then we remembered last summer when we killed the 30 some odd black widows in the back yard that we bought spider killer.

Tony sprayed him and then he slowly tried to escape and then was stepped on.  Tony sprayed the rest of our front walkway and found an even larger black widow, which escaped under the siding of the house, though it did get sprayed first.

Here are some nice black widow pictures for you:

I guess it is the season… think I was going to weed that section of the yard soon.  I guess I will wait a few days…


Kidney Stone Pictures

November 29, 2006

As if there was something better to do when you pass kidney stones…ha. For the sake of science, photography, and well just those curious…here are the stones I have passed. So far only 3 “big ones” and about 50 or more little things that resemble salt all the way up to beach sand. Those along with what I will label stone #1 went with me to the doctor’s office today and were sent to the lab. I never did take a picture of the tiny flakes.

Stone #1 At first it was “black” and then over time it sort of turned whitish and sort of like a mini lava rock. It is about 3mm

Stone #2 & #3 (which really aren’t #2 and #3, but more like number 48 and 49, ha ha…I passed today. Also, both around 3mm, though one maybe a little less. They have an orangish/yellow discoloration sort of due to the dye that I had to take in one of the pills that they claimed would help with my pain (NOT.)

The last pictures have much higher detail and definition, due to the fact that I used a zoom lens that had a nice macro. I had no idea I could get this quality on something so small. It is sort of like a microscope, though I had to stand far away from it and zoom in.

I will come back and update this thread when I find out what mineral it is. Why can’t it be diamond or gold or something of value?

Should I scan my x-rays? They are kind of frankstein looking.