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Sockapalooza 4 Rocks!

August 7, 2007

It is awesome!  I received my socks today.  They are awesome!  They fit me perfect.  They are purple!  Yay for purple!!  My pal says:

They are Cherry Tree Hill’s Supersock in a potluck colorway, knit on size 1’s in a pattern called “passion flower” that she found in a stitch dictionary.

After finishing she took off the cuffs and reknit them on 0’s to make them a little tighter then used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bindoff.

I am wearing them tomorrow when I go on my trip to Monterey where it is pretty cold.

She also sent me a little sheep bead, but my kids quickly claimed it.  🙂

I am so happy I had a positive experience with Sockapalooza.  I was a little worried since there were like 1000 participants.  This totally made my day.


Socka 4 Finished & Blocking

August 2, 2007

Yep, I finished them last night and washed them this morning. They were suppose to be mailed today. I will mail them tomorrow. I hope my swap partner likes them.

I have never participated in a swap like this and am nervous that the socks won’t fit or the toe isn’t the way she will like it. I am going to send her the remaining yarn so if she needs to make them longer or different she can. I wish I had sock blockers so the socks would dry more uniform, but ah…once you get them on your feet it won’t matter that much, right?
Jaywalker Socks That Rock

I won an awesome blog contest a few weeks ago and look what came in the mail last weekend.  Thanks Sara!!!

Esta muy bueno!!  Te quero!

The book is more awesome then I had expected.  This is my first lace weight yarn.  I look forward to knitting a shawl.  🙂


Socka 4 update

July 12, 2007

I finished one of my socks for my Sockapalooza 4 pal.
Jaywalker sock
Jaywalker sock

I am lining my Larger than Life Bag:

Here is the inside with pockets, one wide one and one long skinny one.
Bag lining

Here is the outside, you can see I put the print on both sides, not sure I like that, but that is how it is going to be, I am not changing it.
Larger Than Life Bag
I fixed his eye:
Fabric Frog
Don’t worry, he isn’t going to be a toy for the kids, though that is how his eye broke. Froggy is going to be a gift for someone’s new desk. Froggy will make a good paperweight, yes? I can’t say who he is going to.

Tomorrow we will be having a garage sale. Wish me luck as I am trying to make some money to reduce my medical expenses. Those bills are starting to hurt and are getting in the way of future fibery purchases.