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Tweed Baby Pullover Finished

January 18, 2008

I finally finished this top down baby pullover. It isn’t for any baby, just something I knit for the store to draw people into my knitting class. I added a few fancy details, such as the beading. It is super cute. I am happy with it. Now I can move onto other projects in progress I haven’t finished.
Knit BabyPulloverTweed

Yarn: Patons Tweed

Needles: Size 10

Closeup of Beads:
KnitBaby Pullover Tweed

and Collar
Baby Pullover Tweed


Dad’s Sweater

May 6, 2007

I finished it on Saturday night. 🙂

I substituted yarns.  I used Patons Classic Merino in Gray, instead of The Tahki Donegal Tweed the pattern suggested.  I also left off the patches.  My dad wanted a sweater that had a collar to cover his neck.  He lives by the ocean where ocean breezes can give you a chill.  Hopefully he won’t mind me putting his picture on my blog.

Pattern:  Patch Man designed by Ann Budd for Knit Scene Magazine, Spring 2007.

Yarn:  Patons Classic Merino in Dark Grey

Needles:  Size 6 and 8 (to get gauge)

My only real pattern tweak (besides yarn substitution) was that I knitted longer on the collar than suggested.  When I first tried to sew it down it puckered in the corners.  I could have blocked it, but really didn’t have the time to block just the collar.  So I decided to just knit about an inch or so longer and it sewed down perfect.

He loves it and I love it.  I am very happy how it turned out!

If I could have changed one thing on it, I might have made it longer.


It’s Blocking!

May 4, 2007

Thanks to my husband, I am blocking my father’s sweater and I hope to seam it tonight.  Blocking it really hurts my back, more than anything.

My husband is really good at blocking.  He is such a perfectionist.  I can definitely tell the sides that he pinned, compared to the sides that I pinned.

My class this weekend is canceled since nobody signed up.  Usually I would be sad, but since my hand has been bothering me, I am okay with it.   I am running into more and more people who want my class during the week.  So, I think I will be moving it from Saturday to Monday noonish.

Repetitive injury is no joke!  I couldn’t brush my teeth last night very well.  By the morning, my hand/wrist is feeling fine, because I put on tons of 024 and then cover it with my crocheted “wrist brace.”  It is funny, I made this thing this winter.  I was demonstrating how if you make a tube you can turn it into things like a wrist warmer.  However, the yarn I was using was so stiff.  So, really it made a better brace.  I only made one.  Little did I know this would come in “handy.”

Plying the yarn I spun, is taking me forever!!!  I am surprised on how long this process is for me.

It has been raining on and off.  My garden is happy! 


Need a Vacation…

March 29, 2007

from my vacation….

Yesterday Tony, the girls, and I got back from our mini vacation.  It was fun, but Tony and I both decided we really need a vacation away from the kids.  My parents watched the girls for a few hours two nights.  One night we drove around the coast and ate candy.  The funniest thing was when we drove down by the Headlands and it rained so hard on us we thought the ocean was blowing in.  It was like driving through a car wash.  We were so crazy (or sugar high.)  It was fun.

The second night we went to the movies and saw 300.  It is an excellent flick.  I am normally not a fighting movie type gal, but this was really good and who can complain about the period costumes?

My dad hooked me up with a local woman who has a llama farm.  She gave me 4 bag full of fiber for free.  The fiber is the first sheering off of their baby llamas, so it is really, really soft.  It is dirty, though so I am contemplating if I should wash it or just try to pick out the matter and spin it and then wash it.  I only have 2 small hand carders, so I don’t really know if I wash it if I can card it out real well.  I put an ad on craigslist for a drum carder, but I doubt that will pan out.  This really was a highlight of our trip.  I was told I can get more in July from them, as that is when they do their annual shearing.

Most of the time the weather was rainy or windy.  Sometimes we saw sun.  The nicest day was yesterday, the day we left….of course.  Every time I leave I get really depressed.  In fact, this trip, I started to get depressed about 3 days before we left.  I really want to live there, not just for the beauty of the place or the outdoor things to do, but for so many reasons.  The reality is that it is so darn expensive to live there and nothing for Tony to do.

I guess I just need to finish school and then we will decide what is best for our family.  Summer school….here I come!  (Yes, I did promise I would never do summer school…but I am…)

Here are some photos from our trip:

Fondue night:

Sleeping Beauties:

We wanted to go on a hike on the Headlands, but it was so cold that this is as far as we got…one picture, and then turned around and got back in the car.

You can’t tell from this picture, but the birds were doing some funny flying things.  They would periodically lift up their feet and then just hover in the air…they weren’t really flying anywhere.  It was funny.  They were just playing in the wind.

We drove to a private Redwood park on accident…long story is we were driving to find a bathroom and one really long windy road to a town that doesn’t existed made us end up in Leggett, home of the drive through tree.   So, we do what any tourist would do and pay the $5 so we could drive through the tree.

On the way back to my parent’s house we saw signs for Elk crossing and wouldn’t you know…saw a huge herd of elk.

Road Sweeping:

Car pics:

Colorful buildings in Willits:

We saw lots of animals, including goats, sheep, turkeys, raccoons, frogs,  alpacas, llamas, cows, horses, elk, deer, etc.

Lots of windy roads…thank goodness for children’s Dramamine.   Unfortunately we have to give them drugs or they throw up all over the car.

We had a really nice time…wish we were still there:

On the way home I stopped at Dharma Trading Company.   I told Tony I had no idea they sold yarn there.  I thought it was only dyeing supplies and blanks.  I thought maybe it would be “blank yarn,” you know, to dye.  However, the store has all yarn, from Noro to you name it.  They also have a large selection of knitting magazines and other knitting and weaving supplies.  I bought some silk roving and some acid dyes.

I did drop into my favorite yarn store in Mendo and I bought some Bearfoot sock yarn.   In a fall colorway called Goldrush.

Usually when we come back from a vacation we are broke, happy, and relaxed.   Well…we were all of that, but then this morning the kids went on a sneaky spree and got into all sorts of stuff in the house that made Tony get really stressed out.  Good thing he only works today and tomorrow and then gets the weekend off.

Did I mention we need a vacation from our vacation?  I think the next vacation me and Tony are going to drive up to Mendo, drop the girls off with grandma and grandpa and then drive home and rest for the week….Yeah, I like that idea A LOT!  I do miss sleeping in my own bed.  🙂

On the crafting front, I have finished several things for my kitchen swap partner.  I am so excited about it…I can’t share what I have done, but I will only give one hint that when I got the idea, I thought….”Elementary, My dear Watson.”

I am almost done with my dad’s sweater.  I am decreasing for the sleeve caps right now and then will do the collar and finishing.  I am also almost done with one sock.  I am getting closer to the toe.


Angelica Tunic

October 4, 2006

Pattern: Angelica Sweater
Yarn: Berrocco Cotton Twist
Overall I am happy. It is a bit heavy, but not bad, really. The yarn has a fancy shine to it that is really nice. It was a pain in the but to work with as it splits and the rayon is just very plasticy. I don’t know if that is the right word. I don’t think I will use this yarn again, not sure. I think my body would look better in something not variegated. I have made note of that for any future projects. The low v-neckline actually looks good on me. I don’t know if I like the arms. I love how they bell by the wrist, but I don’t like the bagginess under the armpits. I have looked at the picture of the original pattern and it looks like that is part of the style.

In the future, if I ever decide to make this again, I am going to make a longer waist and modify it so that the armpit isn’t baggy. I love the detail around the keyhole neck. This is the first top I have made for myself. Most all of my knitted and crocheted stuff is always for my kids. I am pretty happy with it. To think I learned to knit a little over a year ago. I am proud of myself. Hopefully I don’t end up being on some “fug board.” I love the Orange and think it is perfect for October-wear. 🙂